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It will allow customers to search for the nearest Cepsa locations and their available services by voice
This skill is intended to be used inside the vehicle through Amazon’s new car device, Echo Auto, with the Alexa app installed on your mobile device
Cepsa becomes the first company to design an application of this type for finding Service Stations in Spain
Cepsa has developed a skill or voice app that is pioneering for the energy sector, which can search for the company’s Service Stations throughout Spain using Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, Alexa. This skill is specially designed to be used with Echo Auto—Amazon’s recently released device bringing Alexa inside your vehicle—or with the latest version of the Alexa app installed on your mobile device.

This new skill from Amazon Alexa—called “Cepsa Service Stations”—allows customers to find their nearest Cepsa locations. Customers can also ask which type of products or services are offered (open 24 hours, car wash, store, restaurant, autogas supply, electric charging facilities or fuel types, etc.). This new collaboration with Amazon is in addition to the existing collaboration of almost 70 Cepsa Service Stations having 24-hour self-service order-collection lockers.

Users can use voice commands such as: “Alexa, open Cepsa,” “Alexa, open Cepsa and find gas stations near me,” “Alexa, open Cepsa and take me to a service station with a café” or “Alexa, open Cepsa and find gas stations with a Carrefour store.” Once the Service Station that the user wants to drive to has been chosen, Alexa will open the default map application on the user’s mobile device and direct users to said station.

In the words of Santiago Ruiz, director of Cepsa’s Service Station Network: “Here at Cepsa, we are immersed in a full digital transformation and we always seek to adapt to our customers’ needs. That’s why, we have developed a skill that we believe will be very useful for our customers and will be increasingly in demand by users. With this new commitment to technology, by using this application, customers will be able to easily locate our nearest Service Stations, products and services safely, conveniently and quickly.”

By launching this Service Station app, Cepsa has become a pioneer as this is the first app to be developed in Spain that allows searching for service stations to be performed in the car using voice commands. The app took a year to develop and was developed in collaboration with a Cepsa team specialized in artificial intelligence who have launched other voice assistants across the company, such as for human resource management, for example.

In this sense, digital transformation serves as a catalyst for growth and allows the customer experience to be improved by adapting to their needs.

Cepsa currently has a wide network of nearly 1800 service stations in Spain and Portugal, based on a clear model of customer orientation, innovation, added value, safety and loyalty. In addition to different energy solutions for mobility, the company also offers many products and services in its Service Stations.

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