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Chevron: Reimagined pediatric rooms deliver more joy, less stress for little patients

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The hospital can be a stressful place for children and their parents. But what if going in for an X-ray meant going on an adventure under the sea or into outer space?

At Jesus Municipal Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, that’s exactly what’s happening.

what’s new
Chevron Brazil committed more than $78,000 to help reimagine the hospital’s radiology experience. Together with the Desiderata Institute and the Rio de Janeiro City Department of Health, we helped create a newly renovated pediatric wing to help deliver more joy and less stress for patients, families and health professionals alike.

Jesus Municipal Hospital specializes in pediatric care for complex and chronic diseases—including childhood cancer. The radiology department conducts more than 50,000 consultations a year.

beep, boop, bloop
Developed by renowned artist and architect Gringo Cardia, the cheerful environments—featuring charming sea creatures and friendly robots—are designed to ease children’s stress and anxiety during time-consuming exams, which often involve invasive procedures.

“I’ve been a volunteer partner for over 15 years and am very happy that the Institute goes after and gets support for its hospitals. This time, the support came from Chevron and the municipal department of health.”
gringo cardia

artist and architect

“Chevron, which embraced this humanization project, allowed the expansion to the entire radiology sector of the hospital: an essential collaboration to bring this joy to our little patients.”
rodrigo de sousa prado

rio secretary of health

“These changes are essential to alleviate suffering and reduce pain. The children’s smile when they see these rooms is priceless.”
claudia nastari

general director of jesus municipal hospital

“We believe that a successful community is directly related to people’s health and well-being. Our social investment program seeks initiatives that meet the demands and needs of the communities where we do business.”
mariano vela

chevron brazil country manager

the big picture
Chevron is most successful when our partners and the communities succeed with us. Chevron Brazil strives to help local communities develop programming and build partnerships around health, education and economic development.

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