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Coal India Ltd’s domestic production increased by 37.3%, Domestic Coal Offtake increased by 43% in last 8 yrs


World’s largest coal miner, Coal India Ltd. has outdone itself in ensuring India’s energy security by more than ever coal production and despatch. All India coal production and offtake in 2013-14 was 566 Million Tonnes and 572 Million Tonnes.

In the last 8 years domestic Coal Production has increased by 37.3 percent and Domestic Coal Offtake has increased by 43 percent.

Coal India Limited CIL has not only ensured continuous supply of coal catering to increased demand, but also made sure to do so at a cheaper price. While international prices of coal have been crossing all skies, owing to the sensitive geo-political scenario, CIL has maintained a constant cheaper price of domestic coal.

In December 2020, the price of imported coal was around 4200 Rupees per tonne, it has increased to around 13 thousand 715 rupees per tonne as on April this year. Against this, the price at which CIL is supplying coal is 1475 rupees per Tonne.

This price is constant from December 2020, till date. Supply to States have been increased on constant price as per their increased demand.

CIL has been supplying coal at a price which is 82 percent discount to the imported price. This is a huge financial gain to the State gencos.

Imported coal-based power generation reduced by 46.6 percent in Financial Year 2021-22 as compared to previous year, due to high international prices. This reduction was substituted by increased domestic coal-based power generation.

Import of coal by power sector for the same period declined by 40.6 percent. Coal India has not only bridged the gap created due to less import by increasing domestic production and supply of coal, but also borne the loss due to foregoing of international price and supplying higher quantity of coal at a low price.

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