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Ecopetrol: Ecopetrol accumulates 15 patents granted so far in 2022


So far this year, Ecopetrol has accumulated a total of 15 patents granted in Colombia and abroad for the development of technological solutions that reduce the environmental impact of operations and improve the quality of hydrocarbon exploration and production processes.

In the total, nine inventions granted in the last three months by the authorities of Colombia, Venezuela and the United States stand out.

The new patents include technologies for the separation of fluids during the crude oil extraction process to initiate the treatment of water produced in the well, as well as the use of nanotechnology to control microorganisms in production water and deterioration of pipes in oil fields. .

Likewise, three of these inventions correspond to state-of-the-art technological equipment and systems, which were designed to reduce costs in the first phase of the crude oil production process, reduce the carbon footprint generated by the industry, and develop environmental studies in marine ecosystems. and ocean by means of an underwater glider.

In Colombia, the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) recently covered the following products with this intellectual property protection mechanism:

Description and process for fluctuation control of oil production from fluids on the surface for heavy crude oil at the wellhead.
Production method and nanobicide comprising zinc oxide nanoparticles and cationic amino compounds, for microbial control in the oil and gas industry.
Submersible device into the water to take measurements at great depths of the ocean (housing with a fluid dynamic profile).
Simulation equipment for the evaluation of plugging fluids in the control of losses in drilling fluids.
Compact flotation device for production water treatment.
Method and equipment to determine the volumetric contraction in mixtures of extra-heavy crudes with light hydrocarbons, which includes an in-line static mixer and vacuum generation.

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