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Ecopetrol: Ecopetrol and the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá advance in the measurement of air quality in the seventh race


The District Secretary of the Environment of Bogotá and Ecopetrol advance in monitoring air quality with low-cost sensors in the road corridor of Carrera VII, in the country’s capital.

In the Teusacá building, which is one of the Ecopetrol facilities in Bogotá, the air quality monitoring pilot is being developed with eight sensors for the measurement of particulate matter.

The objective of this activity is to establish the impact of Car-Free Day on air quality in the road corridor of Carrera VII, at the height of the Enrique Olaya Herrera National Park. This monitoring point will be incorporated into the air quality follow-up measurements that the District Secretary for the Environment will develop during the day.

Among the low-cost monitoring equipment that Ecopetrol is exploring are systems developed by city entrepreneurs, universities and commercial firms. Some of the equipment is powered by energy from solar panels, has data transmission via Wi-Fi, measurement of meteorological variables and additional gases, among others.

Low-cost sensors contribute to the advancement of air quality management and are complementary tools to the official monitoring networks of the territories, they operate as a management instrument for citizen empowerment in the face of the air quality challenge.

The information provided by the monitoring will allow the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá to develop the respective studies to determine the environmental impact of the Day without a Car, and thus draw a baseline for the implementation of potential measures that help improve the air quality of the city. city.

This investigation is part of Ecopetrol’s permanent commitment to the environment and the actions to be carried out in development of the Pact for a New Air, which was signed in April 2021 under the leadership of the Bogotá Mayor’s Office.

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