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Ecopetrol: Ecopetrol inaugurated a gas power generation plant that will prevent the emission of 44 thousand tons of CO2 each year


Ecopetrol put into operation a modern electricity generation plant in the department of Meta that works with gas and will avoid the emission of 44 thousand tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually into the atmosphere, equivalent to the planting of 308 thousand trees.

This work, whose construction was classified by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation as an ‘innovation project’, will serve to supply part of the energy required by the Chichimene, Apiay, CPO-9 and Castilla oil fields, located in the Meta .

The plant, in which investments of 50 million dollars were made (equivalent to about 190,000 million pesos), has the capacity to generate electricity up to 9.2 megawatts (MWp), equivalent to the electricity consumption of around 9,800 homes .

The modern infrastructure takes advantage of part of the gases that are safely disposed of through the Chichimene station, located in the municipality of Acacías, it has the capacity to process up to 5 million cubic feet of gas per day, in the that receive treatment and are ready to be used in the generation of electrical energy.

“That gas that we previously burned became the source to generate 9.2 MW of electricity that we use for self-consumption and the operation of the Castilla, Chichimene, Apiay and CPO-09 fields, and most importantly: it will prevent the emission of 44 thousand tons of CO2 per year, which is equivalent to the planting of more than 300 thousand trees, which shows our commitment to the energy transition ”, said Felipe Bayón, president of Ecopetrol.

Ecopetrol carried out the construction of the work in a period of nine months and generated employment for 586 people, of which 13% were women and 88% were resident workers of the municipality of Acacías, as a commitment to generating employment for the hand of local work.

In this way, Ecopetrol advances in the search for solutions and alternatives that point towards the energy transition and the protection of the environment, through the reduction of CO2 emissions.

At Ecopetrol we are proud to celebrate 70 years contributing all our energy to the country, to contribute to the well-being of Colombians and build a better future for all.

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