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Ecopetrol: Position of the Ecopetrol Group on the alleged entry of smuggled crude oil into Colombia


In relation to the judicial processes carried out by the authorities for the alleged entry of smuggled crude oil into Colombia, Ecopetrol and Cenit allow themselves to report the actions implemented over several years to contribute to clarifying the facts:

In the process involving officials from the companies Gunvor Colombia, Niman Comerce, CI Petroworld, Terminal SWISS, CI la Operadora and CI Exportécnicas, both Ecopetrol and Cenit have worked for several years in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office, the National Police and other authorities providing effective collaboration in the investigation.

Between the months of April and May 2022, the respective hearings were held to legalize the arrest and indictment of those involved. Currently, it is waiting for the Attorney General’s Office to file, in all criminal proceedings, the respective indictment to start the trial stage.

Ecopetrol and Cenit have been presented and have been recognized as victims in the processes carried out by the Colombian justice for various crimes, including receipt and smuggling of hydrocarbons. In the process of interest, Cenit will appear as such at the hearing for the formulation of the accusation.

Ecopetrol and Cenit will continue to carry out the corresponding due diligence and verification actions so that, in support of the authorities, the facts are clarified and the appropriate sanctions are adopted.

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