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Eskom: Diepkloof Zone 3 customers honour payment agreement with Eskom as electricity sales increase and energy losses reduce


Eskom has seen an increase of 82% in sales and a reduction of about 40% in energy losses in Diepkloof Zone 3, Soweto. The power utility has further noted an increase from 22% to 86% of customers who are purchasing legal electricity tokens in the area. The revenue lost on zero buyers was averaging at R435 000 per month, which has significantly decreased. These notable improvements follow the disconnections and issuance of remedial fees that Eskom implemented in November 2021 because certain customers were bypassing meters, buying electricity from ghost vendors, not paying for the electricity they consumed and illegally connecting to the electricity network. The customers issued with remedial sheets entered Deferred Payment Arrangements (DPA) with Eskom and most are honouring these agreements. Subsequently, Diepkloof Zone 3 will be removed from load reduction as the energy losses have continued to reduce to below 51%. This is an indication that the network is not overloaded therefore minimising the possibility of equipment failing and exploding.

Eskom is still faced with a high demand for equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced as a result of repeated failures and damages. To curb these failures and damages, Eskom implements control measures such as audits, disconnections, maintenance, load reduction and the equipment replacement process which has been intensified to further ensure financial sustainability and return on investment. On Thursday 21 July 2022, the power utility conducted audits in the area to ensure that customers continue to adhere to the agreement made with Eskom. The audits included checking customers’ meters, where those found to have tampered with their meters or were buying units from ghost vendors, were issued with remedial notices and disconnected from the Eskom network. The power utility thanks the community of Diepkloof Zone 3 for their collaboration and purchasing electricity tokens from Eskom registered vendors. Communities that experience load reduction can be removed from the list by refraining from conducting illegal electricity-related acts and ensuring that energy losses from their respective feeders are below 51% like in Diepkloof Zone 3. Eskom remains committed to partner with all communities to ensure the sustainable resolution of electricity challenges across Gauteng.

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