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Eskom: Eskom in Western Cape and Eastern Cape prepares for predicted severe weather


Eskom in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape is preparing for the predicted the cold front, coupled by strong winds and heavy rainfall that is expected to hit parts of the two provinces tonight, 25 August 2021.

The inclement weather puts the network at risk and can affect the electricity supply of customers, potentially leaving some customers with prolonged periods without electricity.

Eskom urges customers to remain patient and follow the channels made available to log a fault.

Faults that have left single customers without electricity supply for more than 48 hours will take priority, and thereafter, faults for more than 24 hours until the most recent faults.

“We urge affected customers to be patient and to treat all electricity appliances as live during this time”.

Eskom customers are encouraged to use Alfred the chatbot! Alfred will assist with logging electricity faults and giving immediate feedback, without having to call the Contact Centre.

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