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European Commission: Rating the smart readiness of EU buildings


The smart readiness indicator (SRI) is a common EU scheme for rating the readiness of buildings to use smart technologies, which was introduced in the 2018 revision of the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive. SRI will help raise awareness of the benefits smart building technologies bring for creating healthy, energy-efficient and comfortable buildings, including via building automation and electronic monitoring of heating, hot water, ventilation and lightning.

Today, the European Commission launched a newsletter dedicated to the smart readiness indicator of buildings, to inform about the latest updates in the field and to guide EU countries and stakeholders in the building sector on its technical assistance and implementation. Buildings are the single largest energy consumer in the EU, and account for more than a third of its greenhouse gas emissions. A refurbished and modernised building stock is therefore crucial for achieving the EU’s energy and climate goals, and the SRI play a key role in it by encouraging technological innovation and creating an incentive for integrating cutting-edge smart technologies in buildings.

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