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Gazprom: Gazprom focusing on preferential use of domestic software


The Gazprom Board of Directors took note of the information about the current status of the Gazprom Group’s efforts towards the digitalization of its business and the 2020 results of the implementation of the Action Plan for Gazprom’s transition to preferential use of domestic software.

Gazprom’s activities are underpinned by continuous technological development. The creation and implementation of cutting-edge technologies, including digital ones, is essential to the stability of business processes and further growth of operating efficiency. For consumers, this serves as a guarantee of reliable energy supplies even in the most challenging market conditions.

In the course of digitalization of business processes, Gazprom gives preference to Russian information technologies. This approach is consonant with the government policy for import substitution in Russia.

Gazprom analyzes new software and solutions based on their applicability in the existing IT infrastructure. The software relevant to Gazprom’s interests undergoes comprehensive and extensive testing and is refined if necessary. The solutions that meet all requirements of the Company get recommended for introduction within the Gazprom Group.

According to the classification of Russian software approved by the Ministry of Digital Development, Gazprom’s tests covered 39 classes of software in 2020. As a result, promising software solutions suitable for application at Gazprom were identified in every class. For some of these solutions, refinement plans and phased implementation procedures were developed.

In addition, preparations were made to help the Gazprom Group companies transition to tax monitoring starting from 2021 with the use of a Russian IT platform. As of today, the platform is used by 17 out of the 24 Group entities that have joined the tax monitoring system. In 2022, another 12 companies of the Group will join the system: they will also use domestic software in their interactions with the Federal Tax Service.

Gazprom pays particular attention to the import substitution of specialized software for hydrocarbon exploration and development. Thanks to close cooperation with Russian software developers, the share of domestic software solutions in exploration and development reached 75 per cent in 2020. As a point of comparison, no domestic solutions were used in this area of activity in 2015.

The Management Committee was tasked with continuing the digitalization of the Gazprom Group’s business processes along with the implementation of the Action Plan for Gazprom’s transition to preferential use of domestic software.

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