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Gazprom undertaking 1.5-fold expansion of mobile compressor station fleet for gas conservation during gas pipeline repairs


Gazprom is committed to preserving the favorable environment for the benefit of the current and future generations. The results of the Company’s production activities have the lowest carbon footprint among the world’s oil & gas majors.

Gazprom continues the work aiming specifically to further reduce its environmental impacts. The Company has made a decision to implement a 1.5-fold expansion of its fleet of mobile compressor stations (MCS) that are used in gas trunkline repairs, thus bringing their total number to 15.

The use of MCS ranks among the most efficient modern technologies for preventing emissions of natural gas that occur when traditional repair methods are used. In the course of preparations for such repairs, mobile compressor stations are employed to pump the bulk of gas from the shut-off section of the pipeline into an active section or a parallel string. This way, up to 80 per cent of methane is prevented from being released into the atmosphere.

Along with the use of other cutting-edge technologies, the expansion of the MCS fleet will help further reduce the carbon footprint of gas supplies to Russian and foreign consumers. Thus, the Company is making a substantial contribution to the achievement of the national goals of the Russian Federation and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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