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Gibson Energy Announces Its Inaugural Submission to CDP and the Creation of Its Sustainability and ESG Board Committee


Gibson Energy Inc. (“Gibson” or the “Company”), (TSX: GEI), announced today the submission of its inaugural climate change questionnaire to CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) and the creation of its Sustainability and ESG Board Committee.

Submission to CDP
To provide increased transparency for the Company’s stakeholders regarding its environmental and climate-related performance, Gibson has submitted its inaugural climate change questionnaire to CDP.

“Transparency is the foundation of our sustainability and ESG journey,” said Steve Spaulding, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our CDP submission is a critical part of this foundation as it will further enable even more meaningful collaboration with our stakeholders as we continue to manage climate-change risks, unlock opportunities and further enhance our resilience as a company as we move towards a more sustainable future.”

The submission includes the quantification and verification of the Company’s Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions and a partial quantification of the Company’s Scope 3 emissions.

A copy of Gibson’s CDP climate change questionnaire is available at the Company’s website at the following URL:


Creation of the Sustainability and ESG Committee
Recognizing the importance of Board oversight of sustainability, the Board has established a stand-alone Sustainability and ESG Committee.

“Dedicated governance and oversight are essential to the successful navigation of our sustainability journey,” said James Estey, Chairman of the Board. “With a focused, stand-alone Sustainability and ESG Committee, we are better equipped to support management in its continued execution of the sustainability strategy of our company.”

Chaired by Judy Cotte, a recognized expert on ESG and responsible investment, this new committee will provide dedicated oversight and support of the Company’s sustainability and ESG strategy, targets and management systems.

Chaired by Jim Cleary, the Health and Safety Board Committee, formerly the Environment, Social, Governance / Health and Safety Board Committee, will be more operationally focused to provide oversight in the continuing development of Gibson’s health and safety program, including its Operations Management System.

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