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Group Of Experts Working With Developing Countries To Provide Technical Assistance And Support


Providing technical support for developing countries is critical as the world pivots from negotiation to implementation, turning the words of the Paris Agreement into real action.

The Consultative Group of Experts (CGE) is the main channel for providing technical assistance and support to developing countries so that they can fulfill their reporting requirements in relation to measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) under the Convention and the enhanced transparency framework (ETF) under Article 13 of the Paris Agreement.

To better support developing countries in their transparency reporting, the CGE recently organized two events: a side event at COP27 last month and an informal forum last week. Both events served as important opportunities to receive feedback from national experts on enhancing CGE support to developing countries in 2023.

These two events were attended by more than 160 experts. The CGE collected around 80 responses regarding its support and how it can better assist developing countries in transparency and transitioning to the ETF in the coming years.

CGE and national experts shared their countries’ experiences in preparing transparency reports and spoke about preparing greenhouse gas inventories, reporting on mitigation, climate change impacts and adaptation, and the support needed and received.

Most of the participants agreed that CGE activities and materials were helpful to their countries’ MRV and transparency work. The value of in-depth training, such as regional hands-on training workshops and e-learning programmes was highlighted.

Preferred topics for future GCE capacity-building activities and materials included preparing greenhouse gas inventories, reporting on climate change impacts and adaptation; reporting on mitigation (including NDC tracking); data collection and management; and establishing institutional arrangements for transparency.

The 2024 deadline for the first biennial transparency report is approaching and the CGE stands ready to support developing countries in the transition to and implementation of the ETF. Feedback collected at the COP27 side event and informal forum will help the CGE to formulate its 2023 workplan, when the group meets on 9-10 February 2023 in Bonn, Germany.

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