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Jinko Solar: Lighting the National Games Flame with JinkoSolar’s N-type Tiger Neo Panels


On August 8, the 14th Sichuan Games opened at the Olympic Center Stadium in Leshan City. The opening ceremony featured the lighting of the flame with solar energy which is empowered by JinkoSolar’s N-type Tiger Neo panels for the first time in the history of the Games, a headline-worthy achievement. The solar-ignited flame aligns with the sports concept of “All are equal, all gather under the sun and receive the energy.”

Before the opening ceremony, at the site of Golden Summit atop Emei Mountain, the Games flame is kindled by the power converted from the first light of the sun by JinkoSolar’s N-type record-high efficient Tiger Neo panels installed on-site.

In addition to lighting the Games torch, the N-type Tiger Neo panel has been widely used in a number of other ways, including the installations in some parts of the Olympic Village for lighting and air conditioning, carports, solar-storage-charging stations for EVs, residential complex with a full-scale set of solar powered infrastructure, etc.

“It is a great honour that our most advanced N-type Tiger Neo panels are used to ignite the Games flame, showing that N-type solution is staying ahead of the peers in terms of technological development on this front,” said Dany Qian, VP of JinkoSolar.

Lighting the flame of the torch for the National Games with solar power symbolizes the country’s determination to work towards its goal of building a renewable-based society.

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