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PDVSA Appoints Col. Pedro Tellechea As President


The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, appointed Col. Pedro Rafael Tellechea, who was in charge of the Pequiven industry.

The announcement was made known through his account on the Twitter social network @NicolasMaduro, where he praised his work: “PDVSA will be chaired by Pedro Rafael Tellechea, who with his great experience at the helm of PEQUIVEN, It will consolidate the momentum of the national oil industry”.

Likewise, the Sector Vice President of the Economy and Minister of People’s Power for Petroleum, Tareck El Aissami, welcomed Tellechea through his account @TareckPSUV, highlighting: “Teamwork, sure victory!” where he, in turn, thanked Mr. Asdrúbal Chávez for his work.

Pedro Tellechea, who has a degree in Military Sciences and Arts and a Mechanical Engineer, served as General Manager of the Mixed Company Methanol de Oriente, Metor SA; He was President of the Venezuelan Aluminum Industry CA, and to date he was in charge of Pequiven, designated under Official Gazette No. 41,967, dated September 17, 2020.

Similarly, in September 2022, he directed the return of Monómeros, a subsidiary of Pdvsa in Colombia, at the hands of the National Government, after remaining for approximately four years taken over by the Venezuelan opposition during the administration of former Colombian President Iván Duque.

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