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The Sectorial Vice President of the Economy and Minister of the Popular Power of Petroleum, Tareck El Aissami, denounced before the public, national and international opinion a new terrorist attack perpetrated against the national oil industry, PDVSA, through a telephone contact by VTV .

He specifically referred to a terrorist attack on a section of the gas pipeline located in the town of El Tejero, north of Monagas state, “which also affected the El Tejero Operations Center, which serves as a gas injection plant.”

Minister Aissami indicated that this fact adds to “the criminal record of sanctions, blockades, sabotage, and threats that our main oil industry has suffered with the alleged intention of interrupting all operations associated with PDVSA in its different areas.”

He added that “thank God that we do not have reports of victims of this attack, in the same way we want to inform that we have deployed all our equipment, and contingency protocols, to immediately guarantee the operational restitution of this attacked infrastructure.”

He recalled that during 2020 the sanctions and attacks against Petróleos de Venezuela intensified, so President Nicolás Maduro activated the Alí Rodríguez Araque Presidential Commission, to face and overcome these adversities.

In this sense, he explained that there are three fronts to face the situation, “the first one aimed at overcoming the scheme of asphyxiating the blockade industry against PDVSA to prevent national development and the generation of wealth for the country, the second This front has to do with the efficient responses that we have had together with the working class for the creation of sovereign capacities, our own technologies, import substitution and gradually recover our productive, refining, gas and petrochemical capacity ”.

He pointed out that the third front has had efficient results in neutralizing these sabotage and terrorist attacks that have come in a staggered manner against PDVSA.

He added that they have not been able to and will not be able to fight the working class of the industry and that they will not stop looking for those responsible who have attempted against it. “However, I must report that at this time our president, and the entire industry team, all workers are attending to this contingency and in the next few hours we will report on the progress we have made in the face of this regrettable criminal action and also how we are going to immediately restore all operations of this main gas pipeline in Monagas state ”.

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