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PDVSA: Venezuela Signed An Alliance With Iran Through 19 Cooperation Agreements


During the closing of the Iran-Venezuela Industrial Science and Technology Expo, 19 memorandums of understanding were signed in the area of ​​services, financing, hydrocarbon development and refining, with the aim of strengthening the area of ​​the oil and gas sector. and petrochemical.

In the same way, respective links were made to plan a visit to the facilities of these companies in Iran during the next week. Iran is fundamentally synonymous with new technologies, being a world reference for its capacity, which has overcome sanctions and imperial persecution with technological and scientific development of the highest range; achieving self-sufficiency and sovereignty in most strategic areas.

It is important to highlight that the business sector is a fundamental part of the economic growth of both nations. Venezuela and Iran are examples of heroic anti-imperialist resistance because they have not knelt down to pressure from the United States, on the contrary they advance with great creativity, audacity and courage.

President Nicolás Maduro, on his successful international tour in June, toured six countries in eleven days, spending four days in Tehran, to strengthen cooperation ties at the highest level with a strategic partner and commercial ally. There he visited the technology park that is a benchmark from the Middle East, with great creativity and cutting-edge technology.

After the ExpoFeria, the Venezuela-Iran Joint Commission will continue to strengthen integration by holding workshops.

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