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Pertamina: A Year After Rokan WK Management Transfer, PHR Proves to Drilled 350 Wells Successfully


Approaching one year after the Rokan Working Area (WK) management transfer, PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan (PHR) continues to prove its ability to maintain production levels through massive and aggressive operations.

PHR managed to maintain production levels that currently reach an average of 161 MBOPD, a good result compared to 142 MBOPD if the company did not carry out massive and aggressive drilling. This success is a collaboration of various parties, both internal to the company, business partners, the government, and all elements of society.

Since the first day of the management transfer on August 9, 2021, PHR, part of Pertamina’s Upstream Subholding, has successfully drilled 350 new wells, or more than one well per day on average. This drilling is part of efforts to support national energy security and the set targets.

“Contributions from development wells can maintain production levels and show optimal operations. Thus, Rokan WK remains in its position as one of the largest oil producers in Indonesia, with a 24% contribution to the national oil production,” said President Director of PHR, Jaffee A. Suardin.

To date, PHR has operated 19 drilling rigs and 33 WOWS rigs. Rokan WK contributes a third of Pertamina’s total oil production or almost a quarter of the national production. All the lifting results of the Rokan WK are used for consumption at Pertamina’s domestic refineries.

It takes a comprehensive process to drill each well, starting from the planning stage, licensing, procurement of supporting goods and services, site preparation until the oil well drilling implementation takes at least six months. Such a series of work stages requires strong collaboration and HR expertise from across PHR functions. This is hundreds to thousands of PHR employees and partners collaboration result who work hand in hand to achieve safe, reliable, and smooth performance.

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