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Pertamina: Cianjur Earthquake Recovery, Pertamedika IHC Medical Team Serves Residents’ Health Complaints


The medical team of PT Pertamina Bina Medika – Indonesia Healthcare Corporation (Pertamedika IHC) provided health checks for people at the Evacuation Center in Tunggilis Wetan Village, Pacet District, Cianjur Regency. At the 4th day after the Cianjur earthquake, the health complaints were myalgia cephalgia or headaches.

Corporate Secretary of Pertamedika IHC, Nerisa Pitrasari, revealed that to handle public health, her party provided education on how to maintain health during evacuation and provided medicines for residents who needed them. “Complaints of headaches are generally caused by lack of rest, feelings of stress, and fear of earthquakes,” she explained.

Nerisa added, together with other SOEs, Pertamedika IHC had prepared several evacuation posts and provided basic food aid, as well as facilities to help people who had to live temporarily outside their homes. Not only health services, public kitchens are also available to fulfill basic life needs.

However, rain also poured in Cianjur. Thus, rest quality for the residents at the evacuation posts was disturbed and uncomfortable. As a result, in the coming days, the medical team is wary of diseases that will arise, including skin diseases, diarrhea, ARI (acute respiratory infection), and colds.

“Even though they are in conditions that are not ideal, we hope people can try to think positively, so they can strengthen their immunity from within the body,” added Nerisa.

As of Wednesday (23/11), Pertamedika IHC dispatched 3 units of rescue/mini ICU ambulances, 5 emergency and disaster management doctors, 1 emergency specialist doctor, and 7 nurses, who were equipped with basic medicines to handle Cianjur’s recovery. Apart from being a Health Post, the Pertamedika IHC ambulance is also a referral fleet for patients who need to go to a hospital or health facility for intensive treatment.

Pertamedika IHC is PT Pertamina (Persero) subsidiary focused on health services. The company is also the holding company for state-owned hospitals, which currently house 75 hospitals and 143 health clinics throughout Indonesia.

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