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Pertamina: Dominated by the United States, Potential Buyer Countries for Pertamina SMEXPO 2021 Increase Compared to 2020


Pertamina SMEXPO 2021, a grand event presented by Pertamina to open market access and empower Pertamina’s fostered MSEs’ potential, recorded an increase in the potential for transactions from the export market. A total of 20 countries other than Indonesia are listed as potential buyers of MSE products participating in Pertamina SMEXPO 2021.

To achieve this goal, Pertamina is collaborating with Indonesia Diaspora SME-SMI Export Empowerment & Development (ID-SEED), an organization for Indonesian Diaspora in various countries, to assist Pertamina’s MSEs fostered partners to market their products in the global market.

Acting SVP Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, Fajriyah Usman, stated that the potential for business transactions for three days at Pertamina SMEXPO 2021 came from Retail transactions and potential transactions in the Business Matching segment.

“This number has increased compared to the Pertamina SMEXPO 2020 event. Previously, a total of 15 countries listed as potential buyers were dominated by Australia. Meanwhile, at the Pertamina SMEXPO 2021 event, there are 20 countries dominated by the United States,” she said.

Fajriyah added the large potential for business transactions during the Pertamina SMEXPO 2021 event shows that this event is much awaited and in demand by global business players as well as showing MSEs’ products of Pertamina’s fostered partners that have been recognized worldwide.

“Hopefully, Pertamina SMEXPO will be a motivation, providing fresh air for MSEs in the country to do their best and produce quality products. Therefore, they can be marketed to almost all continents,” said Fajriyah.

According to Fajriyah, the enthusiasm of global market players for MSE products in Indonesia has also encouraged Pertamina to continue Pertamina SMEXPO with a larger scale and products. Therefore, there are more opportunities for MSEs to promote their products through digital marketing.

“Pertamina will continue to encourage MSEs to upgrade so they can compete globally,” added Fajriyah”

As is known, Pertamina SMEXPO 2021 managed to win the MURI record as the most Women’s MSME Empowerment through Digital Stores. In addition, the Pertamina SMEXPO 2021 events will continue from October 15 to 17 at the Kota Kasablanka Mall. In addition, the web www.smexpo.pertamina.com can still be accessed by the public as one of the choices for the Indonesian MSE product marketplace.

“Pertamina will continue to encourage digital marketing for MSEs throughout the world so that they can generate foreign exchange, support national economic growth and absorb a large workforce. With the support of stakeholders, Pertamina will continue to be at the forefront of supporting advanced, independent, and world-class MSEs,” concluded Fajriyah.

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