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Pertamina: Eco Run Participants Enthusiastic to Participate in the Community Workshop


Apart from running, one of the highlights of the Pertamina-Eco Run Fest 2022 is the Community Workshop. In this area, visitors can interact with various activities, including the “Phone Case Upcycling with GUDRND”.

In this area, cellphone casing is made from recycled bottle caps.

Untung Sugiharto from the GUDRND community said this is a unique product and requires a process.

“The process starts with existing bottle caps. We chop them first and then heat them using a hot press machine for screen printing, or you can also use an oven, extrude and inject machines. Then let it sit until it is sheets, which we can shape as we wish,” he said.

Untung also explained that he was interested in making this innovation and developing the community.

“The initial idea actually came from the Goodschool community. During the pandemic, Goodschool made a face shield. It turns out there were around 5-6 sacks of waste. Then we were inspired to make other products. It turns out that we can innovate into various kinds of products. Apart from making cellphone casing, we also make pouches and covers for tumblers. If you are interested in more, please follow our Instagram @gudrnd,” he explained.

He also thanked Pertamina because the community had been invited to participate in the Pertamina-Eco Run Fest 2022 grand event.

“We are happy to participate in the Pertamina-Eco Run Fest 2022. We are grateful for the opportunity provided by Pertamina. Visitors are also very enthusiastic because they can take part in making products directly at this booth. We hope this can become an inspiration, as well as ideas so that young people are more creative and can take advantage of the things around them,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, there is another community that also makes unique products using recycled products from plastic waste, which are converted into useful products, namely Stuffo. Sopyan from the Stuffo community conveyed what innovations the community has made.

“We make Tumblers, Tumbler Covers, and Sling Bags. It is useful for visitors who come to this event. They usually like to carry merchandise that they hold around all the time. So this bag makes it simpler, useful for visitors, and certainly anti-complicated. The material for making it is from crackle, then we iron it after it is patterned and then cut, after that it is shaped, we attach the buttons then attach the rope, until it is finished,” he explained.

Sopyan also hopes that the education provided to the participants can be useful. He also expressed his gratitude to Pertamina because his community was able to appear at this event.

“This education, which protects the environment by recycling waste, can be put to good use so that the participants can make their own later. The method is easy, and we are sure the participants can apply it easily. Those who are interested can follow our Instagram at @stuffobag. Apart from that, on this occasion, I would also like to thank Pertamina once again for inviting us to attend the Pertamina-Eco Run Fest 2022.

One of the participants, Riztsa, also appreciated the presence of this Community Workshop.

“This is the most interesting area, in my opinion. Out of all the booths, I was interested in coming here because what I know is there is a bottle cap workshop, right? It turns out that it can be used as a cellphone casing machine. That is very interesting. It can reduce waste and recycled into something useful. The hope is that this can be further developed into a more varied product in the future, so it is not just cellphone casing.” she concluded.

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