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Pertamina: Encourages Pertashop Growth, Minister of SOE Appreciates MSMEs and BUMDes


Pertamina as an agent of development always encourages Indonesia’s economic growth to develop, one of which is by empowering villagers through Pertashop. For this reason, Pertamina opens opportunities for Pertashop business partnerships with various parties including BUMDes, Cooperative, Islamic Boarding Schools to business actors or MSMEs throughout Indonesia.

As an effort to encourage the spirit of Pertashop entrepreneurs to achieve the best performance, Pertamina gives awards to the best Pertashop entrepreneurs, which are Non-Partner Local UMKM, best sales figures, and best Sarfas (facilities and amenities).

The award was handed over directly by the Minister of SOE Erick Thohir accompanied by President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Nicke Widyawati and President Director of Subholding Commercial and Trading Alfian Nasution in Lampung at the National Socialization of the Pertashop Implementation Acceleration Program to BUMDes and Regional BUMDesma Sumatra, (16/10).

Erick Thohir said that the Government has encouraged several policies, programs that can ensure three things, including Pertashop, that is how SOEs can help finance, SOEs provide assistance, and SOEs can open market access.

“Alhamdulillah, from the data I got, there are 1,033 Pertashops in Sumatra, especially in Lampung there are 206 Pertashops,” said Minister Erick.

President Director of Pertamina Nicke Widyawati said that the Pertashop program was in line with the Pertamina One Village One Outlet (OVOO) program. It is hoped that the presence of Pertashop will facilitate energy accessibility for villagers, as well as drive the economy in the village so that people can immediately feel the presence of Pertamina.

In addition, Nicke said that by encouraging the growth of Pertashop, all parties also contribute to 3 things. First, encouraging the reduction of carbon emissions because the products sold at Pertashop are environmentally friendly products. Currently, from the shifting of Premium users to Pertalite, it is predicted that there will be a reduction in carbon emissions of 5 million tons, and in 2022, along with Pertamax’s growth, it is expected that the reduction in carbon emissions can be achieved by 12 million tons. Second, considering that the Pertashop dispenser is a domestic product, it will also encourage the growth of TKDN (Domestic Component Level) and in accordance with the implementation of SDGs no 8, namely to increase inclusive and sustainable economic growth, open up productive and comprehensive job opportunities and decent work. Lastly, Pertashop also collaborates with banks and can create new crowds of business centers in villages, so that funds will roll over in villages.

However, there are many challenges in implementing Pertashop development throughout Indonesia, and it is difficult if only done by one party. “Therefore, assistance, support, and cooperation from various parties are needed, including through community empowerment at the village level,” said Nicke.

Lampung Governor Arinal Junaedi stated that in terms of economic recovery, the Regional Government continues to carry out various programs, including for village institutions.

“The support for Pertashop is a form of the seriousness of the local government to encourage the village economy and ensure the availability of energy at the same price at gas stations,” said Arinal.

To support the economic development and independence of the village, Pertamina has synergized with the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri), the Ministry of Villages, PDT and Transmigration, and the Sharia Economic Community (MES).

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