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Pertamina: Exceeding Target, Pertamina EBT Records Positive Performance in 2021


Through 2021, PT Pertamina Power Indonesia as Subholding Power & New Renewable Energy Pertamina (Pertamina NRE) recorded a positive performance, as stated in the annual general meeting of shareholders (AGMS) for the 2021 fiscal year, held on Wednesday (8/6).

Pertamina NRE showed positive financial performance by increasing consolidated revenue, net profit, and EBITDA by USD 370,984, USD 81,635, and USD 277,390. The consolidated revenue reached 105 percent, consolidated net profit reached 114 percent, and EBITDA reached 107 percent against the 2021 RKAP.

In 2021, Pertamina NRE also recorded a positive operating performance, where electricity production reached 4,686 GWh or 104 percent of the RKAP from the Kamojang geothermal work area, Lumut Balai, and the Sei Mangkei biogas power plant (PLTBg). This positive operational performance is also supported by good HSSE performance by recording zero fatalities.

“This positive performance cannot be separated from the solid teamwork at Pertamina NRE and the support provided by shareholders and stakeholders, so we focus on realizing the energy transition mandated by Pertamina,” said Corporate Secretary of Pertamina NRE, Dicky Septriadi.

Pertamina NRE has several achievements throughout 2021, which includes finding a head of agreement (HoA) with other Pertamina sub-holdings related to the energy transition within Pertamina. Pertamina NRE also succeeded to realizing the Sei Mangkei solar power plant (PLTS) commercial operation date (COD) with a capacity of 2 MWp and PLTS RU Cilacap with a capacity of 1.34 MWp.

Pertamina EBT conducted two pilot geothermal projects, green hydrogen development in the Ulubelu Area and a binary pilot plant in the Lahendong Area. Green hydrogen in Ulubelu is targeted to produce up to 100 kg per day, while the binary generator has the potential to reach a capacity of 200 MW from other geothermal areas.

In 2021, Pertamina NRE installed solar panels at 77 petrol stations. By the end of 2021, the solar panels were successfully installed at 129 petrol stations with a total capacity of 0.69 MWp. In addition, Pertamina NRE has installed solar panels internally at Pertamina with a capacity of 0.45 MWp in 2021. Thus until the end of 2021, the total solar panel installed reaches 10.48 MWp.

Pertamina NRE also has a memorandum of understanding with strategies, including JAPEX and LEMIGAS for the carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) project, Pupuk Indonesia for the hydrogen for blue and green ammonia development, ACWA for the new and renewable energy (NRE) development, as well as with the Java-Bali Generation (PJB) for the electricity infrastructure management.

“Pertamina targets aggressive growth, especially in operation. Thus in 2022, we will realize several projects will increase capacity and electricity production. Not only electricity, but Pertamina NRE also develop project-based solutions in collaboration with Perhutani. In the G20 framework, Pertamina NRE supports Pertamina’s active role, especially in the transition towards sustainable energy,” Dicky added.

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