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Pertamina: Increase Oil and Gas Production by 17%, Pertamina Maintains National Energy Security


Amid the rising world crude oil prices challenges to USD 139 per barrel, the highest in history, Pertamina continues striving to increase oil and gas production in maintaining national energy security. In 2022, Pertamina targets oil and gas production to reach 1,047 MBOEPD, an increase of 17 percent compared to last year.

“Until the end of May 2022, Pertamina’s oil and gas production has reached 966 MBOEPD or 8 percent above production in 2021,” said Nicke Widyawati in a Public Hearing (RDP) with Commission VI DPR RI, Wednesday, July 6, 2022.

Pertamina’s increase in oil and gas production was driven by aggressive well drilling, both new wells, development wells, and work over & well service. In 2022, Pertamina will drill more aggressively with 813 development wells, an increase of 232 percent compared to last year, 29 exploration wells (up 242 percent), and 26,467 work over & well service (up 161 percent).

“If we look at energy security, we do not only look at downstream stocks, but we have to maintain upstream production, because this is used as feedstock for refineries. Therefore, we need to maintain energy security starting from the upstream,” said Nicke.

Other efforts to optimize upstream performance in 2022 Pertamina carried out include reactivation of suspended wells, exploration potential for discovery Manpatu-01 (Gas Discovery) in Mahakam and Sungai Gelam Timur-01 (oil discovery) in Jambi, as well as various cost optimization programs.

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