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Pertamina: Kampung Kepiting Kutawaru Assisted by Pertamina Cilacap Wins Satria Brand Award 2022


Kampung Kepiting Kutawaru, Cilacap as fostered by PT Refinery Pertamina Internasional (KPI) RU IV Cilacap won the 2022 Satria Brand Award (SBA) in Best MSME Tourist Attractions in Central Java category. The awarding was carried out in an event at the Patra Jasa Hotel Semarang on Wednesday night (27/7/2022).

Assessment through a survey by the SBA team put Kampoeng Kepiting in the top position with a 17% score ahead of other nominees, such as Greneng Durian Gardens, Serang Strawberry Gardens, Mrapen Immortal Fire, and Gunung Wuled Tourism Village. The award was handed over by the Deputy Chairperson of the Central Java Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Kadin), Edward Sofiananda, accompanied by Suara Merdeka CEO, Kukrit Suryo Wicaksono, Area Manager of Communication, Relations & CSR of PT KPI RU IV, Cecep Supriyatna.

Cecep said this award is proof of PT KPI RU IV Cilacap’s presence in fostering and improving the community in the area closest to the refinery operation’s economy. “What is interesting is that the managers of Kampoeng Kepiting are former Indonesian migrant workers who have a strong intention to empower local potential. We continue to support and encourage this intention,” he said.

Furthermore, Cecep said that the Best MSME Tourist Place predicate in this category is encouragement and trigger for the managers’ creativity to continue innovating. “Since it was inaugurated in September 2021, Kampung Kepiting Kutawaru has gone viral and has become the community’s MSME tourism choice, not only from the Cilacap City area but from various cities purposely visit the Kampoeng Kepiting. It must be maintained and improved so that it is sustainable,” he said.

It is known that Kampung Kepiting Kutawaru offers a complete package of marine-based tours, such as river crossings, fishing ponds, kidz zone nature studies, up to processed crabs as a special culinary.

Meanwhile, Kukrit stated that the SBA, whose implementation had entered its 8th year and had been suspended for two years during the pandemic, was a form of appreciation for Suara Merdeka Network (SMN) for the stakeholders, companies, and SMEs’ creative work. “This year, the award was given to the 58 best brands chosen by the Central Java people. The survey involved 15 thousand respondents in 35 districts and cities in Central Java. I am sure that the award recipients will be more advanced and creative,” he said.

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