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Pertamina: Pertamina Eco-RunFest 2022, 8,300 Ecochamps Spread Healthy Energy for Sustainable Living


Runners participating in Pertamina Eco-RunFest 2022 show theirs enthusiasm. As many as 8,300 participants filled the area around Istora Senayan Jakarta on Sunday, November 27, 2022.

Participants fulfill the Challenges Multiple Run by running together in several categories, 1.5K Family Run for children aged 7-12 years and companions over 17 years old, 5K Fun Run for all ages, 10K Race with categories Student (age 13-17 years), General (age 18-44 years) and Master (over 45 years) as well as the new Eco-Run category, namely the 21K Half Marathon with General categories (age 18-44 years) and Master (over of 45 years).

“I am very pleased with the enthusiastic participants for the Pertamina Eco-RunFest this year. I give my appreciation to all participants,” said the Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, who also participated in the 5K Fun Run.

In its 9th year, Pertamina Eco-Run comes with a new concept, namely Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022, with the theme Sustainable Living. The event also presents an Eco-Fest that consists of a cross-generational music festival “Energizing Music Festivals” and local bazaars “Eco-Market” with eco-friendly products and lifestyle.

“We know that we are faced with the real climate change challenge. Therefore, through this activity, Pertamina wants to invite the community to collectively start a sustainable lifestyle, starting from ourselves with simple things. For example, what we can do today, from being aware and disposing of waste according to its category, that has been prepared trash bins. We will sort and process the waste from this activity. Thus, the waste can be recycled again or turned into compost,” she said.

According to Nicke, it follows Pertamina’s aspirations to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2060, which are carried out through the Pertamina Group’s business decarbonization activities. It includes carbon capture and storage, which is reused to increase energy production, as well as using clean and efficient energy in Pertamina’s operational areas.

Besides decarbonization, Pertamina aggressively promotes low-carbon and new renewable energy, such as biofuels, geothermal, and hydrogen.

“So, come, let us do our share in supporting Net Zero Emissions so that the future of our children and grandchildren and our earth remains sustainable,” she appealed.

The Eco-RunFest implementation was positively taken by the participants. One of them was Kuntoro, who left his home in Bogor Regency at 04.00 to participate in this competition.

“I am happy to participate in this activity from year to year. Because besides being healthy for the body, we can stay in touch with other Pertamina affiliates. Hopefully, this activity can energize us all to be healthier and more united,” he said.

The same thing was conveyed by Baim Wong, an artist who is now a YouTuber. He also admitted that he was impressed with Eco-RunFest, which prioritized the participants’ safety, health, and comfort.

“It is not easy to organize 8,000 participants with a two-ticketing system. But I see Pertamina has succeeded in doing it. Very cool. I will definitely take part in this event again in the future,” said Baim, who participated for the first time.

As is known, according to the health protocol, all Eco-Run participants are required to fulfill the third Vaccine (Booster) to participate in this running event. Pertamina has prepared 235 marshall officers and 30 bike marshall officers placed per 100 meters along the route to separate participants from vehicles. Further, 60 traffic controller personnel was assigned at each critical point on the running route, such as at crossroads.

Not only in terms of safety and health, but for the convenience of Eco-Run participants, 13 Hydration Points or Water Stations per two Kilometers along the route were provided, which is better than similar running events, which usually place water stations per 2.5 kilometers. Besides that, Pertamina will also alert ten ambulances units along with medical team equipped with pacemakers and mini ICUs.

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