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Pertamina: Pertamina Eco-RunFest 2022 Encourages Visitors a Sustainable Lifestyle


After eight succesful year, this year, Pertamina Eco-Run returns with a new, fresher concept, “Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022”. This exciting sports activity will be held on Sunday, November 27, 2022, at Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

In addition to an Eco-Run running event, Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022 also consists of an Eco-Festival (Eco-Fest), which includes a “Eco-Market” bazaar that promotes sustainable living or a sustainable lifestyle and a cross-generational music festival, “Energizing Music Festival.”

The Eco-Market, enlivened by tenants and sponsors, various food and beverage will be present to accompany visitors to enjoy the festival from morning to night. Further, the Eco-Market also offers several slow fashion products that prioritize sustainability in their production, as well as beauty products made from local and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Visitors are invited to participate in various free workshops to learn about sustainable lifestyle, such as making tempeh and educating children on wise eating patterns, and making handles for drinking bottles and phone cases from plastic waste. It also includes making soap from natural ingredients and eco-friendly batik printing using natural and environmentally friendly dyes.

A Sustainable Lifestyle Begins with Us All

Acting VP of Corporate Communication Heppy Wulansari said Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022 was held to promote a sustainable lifestyle among the community.

“Following Pertamina’s aspirations to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2060, we invite the public to collectively start an environmentally friendly movement. Starting with us, from simple things such as reducing waste and choosing environmentally friendly products,” Heppy said.

At Pertamina Eco RunFest, visitors are invited to closely understand the energy transition program, new renewable energy, and decarbonization efforts that support sustainable and self-sufficient future for Indonesia.

To present a more environmentally friendly festival, Pertamina Eco RunFest 2022 optimizes environmentally friendly materials that are degradable, as well as recycled or reused materials. Tenants are also encouraged to minimize plastic by using recyclable packaging.

Pertamina ensures responsible waste management implementation in collaboration with Rekosistem, who will prepare to collect, sort, recycle and process the waste generated from this festival.1

“The purpose of this waste management is to sort waste generated from Pertamina Eco RunFest before going directly to the landfill. Thus, it is hoped that 90% of the waste produced can be reprocessed,” Heppy said.

Heppy added that to reduce plastic waste, visitors are also encouraged and expected to bring tumblers and fill them at several water stations as well as at favorite drink shops that have been provided at Eco-Fest.

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