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Pertamina: Pertamina Peduli Distributes 100 Bright Gas LPG Cylinders for Public Kitchen Operations at the Cianjur Refugee Post


As evening draw near, heavy rain poured down on the EMR Disaster Alert Post on Panembong Street, which was Cianjur, West Java earthquake victims refugee’s temporary residence.

However, in one of the refugee tents, you can see a group of residents who are not afraid to face the rain to carry out their daily activities.

Becoming an earthquake victim did not discourage the mothers in Mekarsari, Cianjur in working together to help fellow refugees cook ready-to-eat food in one of the tents that became the public kitchen.

Dede Kurniasih, who is one of the refugees at the public kitchen, said every day she and nine other refugee women can cook food for 120 people, plus 60 liters of ready-to-eat rice every day.

According to her, the public kitchen that began operating after the arrival of ten Bright Gas 12 Kg arrival distributed by the Pertamina Peduli team through PT Pertamina Patra Niaga to the public kitchen at the post. Thus, helping her and her fellow refugees to cook ready-to-eat food quicker.

“Alhamdulillah, thanks to Pertamina, we can cook for 120 people daily. In total, there are ten gas (12 Kg Bright Gas) all good and durable, each cooking (rice) can be 60 liters per day,” said Dede while preparing dinner for refugees at the EMR Disaster Alert Post on Panembong Street, Cianjur, West Java on Friday (26/11).

Meanwhile, Pertamina Patra Niaga CSR & SMEPP Manager, Sri Nur Hidayati, said the 12 kg LPG Bright Gas was provided to support the processing and provision of ready-to-eat food in public kitchens located at evacuation posts.

“To support ready-to-eat food needs in public kitchens used by disaster management teams and refugees, Pertamina is distributing 12 Kg Bright Gas LPG for cooking activities,” said Nur.

As of Friday (25/11), Pertamina Patra Niaga has distributed 100 cylinders of Bright Gas 12 Kg to the Cianjur Social Service, PLN Food Trucks, BPBD Post in Cianjur Regency, Kodim Command Post, Ministry of Social Affairs Post, and EMR Post.

After the 5.6 magnitude earthquake in the Cianjur area, West Java, the Pertamina Peduli team has also alerted the Pertamina Peduli Post in collaboration with the Cianjur Regency BPBD to distribute aid to affected communities. In addition to direct aid, Pertamina also sent medical personnel to be on standby in disaster areas.

For further information regarding Pertamina’s services and products, the public can contact Pertamina Call Center 135.

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