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Pertamina: Pertamina Shared Services is Live in 50 Business Entities, Pertamina Accelerates Process for Automatic and Digital Business Support Services


Digital transformation is key to Pertamina’s success to compete in the global arena. Aligned with the vision to be a world-class national energy company, Pertamina has built a digital operational system known as Shared Services (SS). Pertamina SS is one of the largest SS in Indonesia. Since 2018, it has had 49 services implemented in more than 50 business entities.

Director of Business Support of PT Pertamina (Persero), Dedi Sunardi, said that SS is focused on its operations on transactional, repetitive, and high-volume services designed by applying centralization, standardization, and simplification with a digital backbone and robotic systems to produce high-value data, efficient and high-quality customer service. Thus, making it easier for Pertamina to accelerate business processes and decision-making to provide space for the Main Business to focus on more strategic matters, improvement, and innovation.

According to Dedi, SS’s positive impact encourages Pertamina to accelerate time in the service asset management field and billing utilities processing. Previously, it was completed manually and required seven working days; now, with the digitalization it takes just one day (automatic same day). As a result, the acceleration could reach 700 percent.

“SS Pertamina has pushed the company’s performance in all lines to be faster, more productive, and more efficient,” Dedi said.

Dedi added that SS Pertamina had carried out in Finance at holding and six sub holdings in Finance, Human Capital, ICT, Procurement, Asset Management, and Master Data Operations.

With more than 147,000 Pertamina stakeholders consisting ofthe External Customers, Vendors, and Pertamina Workers, SS has several Road to SS Forum Pertamina 2022 events. The peak event was held on Monday, July 25, 2022, as an appreciation from the Company to all stakeholders supporting and raising the SS.

“Pertamina will continue to improve digital services in all business lines to encourage national energy security and realize the aspirations of shareholders as the world’s top 100 Global Fortune 500 companies with a valuation of US$100 billion,” Dedi concluded.

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