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Pertamina: Pertamina SMEXPO 2022 Carries the Theme UMKM Asli Indonesia, Asli Kerennya


Pertamina returns with Pertamina SMEXPO 2022 in a hybrid manner from November 28 to December 4, 2022. The largest MSME exhibition at the end of this year will present 555 selected MSMEs online from 1,000 MSMEs targets all over Indonesia. The offline exhibition will be held at the FX Sudirman mall, Jakarta, from November 29 – December 4, 2022.

The President Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, said Pertamina SMEXPO 2022 was the third exhibition dedicated to Indonesian MSMEs as national economic heroes.

According to Nicke, after the Covid-19 pandemic, both have a responsibility to accelerate national economic recovery.

“Indonesia is different from other countries because it has MSMEs which contribute around 60% to the national economy and 97% to employment. Therefore, it is important for us to support MSMEs,” said the President Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, during the Pertamina SMEXPO opening at Grha Pertamina, Jakarta, Monday November 28, 2022.

As an SOE, Pertamina not only provides fuel distribution and generates profits, but it has bigger roles entrusted to Pertamina. Pertamina carries out pilot programs that cannot be carried out by the private sector. Pertamina has become the driving force for MSME and domestic industry growth by achieving a relatively large Domestic Component Level (TKDN).

“We have to develop MSMEs. On this occasion, I appreciate MSMEs. In last year’s SMEXPO, there were 220 MSMEs. This year the number increased to 555 MSMEs. It directly absorbed 2,750 workforces. We hope that next year the number can increase to 1,000 MSMEs,” Nicke added.

The third year of Pertamina SMEXPO 2022 carries the theme Asli Indonesia, Asli Kerennya. With this theme, Pertamina SMEXPO is expected to increase the Indonesian perception towards local, authentic Indonesian products that are equally competitive with foreign products.

Nicke also invited the public to support MSMEs by buying its products. MSME products’ quality has been globally recognized. Thus, they can enter the export market.

Pertamina encourages MSMEs to improve their abilities to keep following the market developments accompanied by improving product quality and continuing to innovate. And as an Indonesian, let’s support MSME products, Asli Indonesia Asli Kerennya.

Pertamina SMEXPO is part of Pertamina’s coaching efforts for assisted MSMEs. Since 1993, Pertamina has recorded more than 66 thousand MSMEs, which means that it has provided economic benefits for more than one million per capita.

From the coaching programs series, a total of 750 fostered partners has been declared upgraded MSME since 2020, with 116 MSME successfully entering the Go Global category.

“Pertamina provides capital assistance and coaching. We will continue to do so. We want all MSMEs to upgrade and Go Modern, Go Digital, Go Online, and Go Global classes. Several events abroad have brought MSMEs from Indonesia, and more are entering the global market,” Nicke said.

Pertamina SMEXPO presents three main programs. First, the Edutainment Program, namely upskilling activities, business matching, MSME workshops, and sharing sessions for MSMEs and the general public, with experienced speakers in their fields.

Second, the Expression Program is a Pertamina-assisted MSME products showcase and exhibition from all Indonesia. This program is equipped with Metaverse, an updated technology that allows every customer to experience direct shopping using Oculus placed at FX Sudirman and several Pertamina main office points.

Third, the Extravaganza Program is a communication activation aim to attract customer attention through entertainment, live performances, and games.

Community and MSME players who wish to participate in various Pertamina SMEXPO 2022 activities can access smexpo.pertamina.com. Visitors can shop for superior products and participate in workshops, discussions, and other interesting entertainment.

“We must support the Gerakan Nasional Bangga Buatan Indonesia. For SMEXPO Asli Indonesia Asli Kerennya,” Nicke said.

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