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Pertamina: Pertamina Supplies 20,000 Liters of Fuel for Police to Help the Cianjur Earthquake Handling


PT Pertamina also supports the National Police (Polri)’s steps to handle the earthquake disaster in Cianjur Regency, West Java. Pertamina distributed 20 thousand liters of fuel for the West Java Regional Police’s operational vehicles in this disaster management activity.

The 20,000 liters of fuel delivery for the West Java Regional Police’s operational vehicles has been carried out in two stages. The first phase is 10 thousand liters of fuel on Wednesday (23/11), and the second is 10 thousand liters on Saturday (26/11) which will be distributed from the Pertamina Padalarang Depot, West Java. The fuel supplied is Dexlite and Pertamax. The assistance was received directly by the West Java Regional Police Dirpamobvit Kombes Pol M Hidayat.

“Pertamina distributed 20 thousand liters of fuel to the West Java Regional Police to support the disaster management efforts carried out by the National Police in Cianjur,” said Acting VP of Corporate Communication of Pertamina, Heppy Wulansari, Sunday (27/11/2022).

Not only for the National Police, but Pertamina also distributed fuel for Kopassus operational vehicles and all logistics cars for the SOE Command Post, which distributed aid to 40 earthquake-affected villages in Cianjur Regency.

After the 5.6 magnitude earthquake that shook Cianjur on Monday (21/11), the total aid that Pertamina has distributed is IDR 1.2 billion. The distributed aid was fuel and LPG, health (medical team and medicines), daily equipment, as well as groceries, and ready-to-eat food.

Some of the items distributed included 156 cylinders of 12 kg LPG, one platoon tent, two multipurpose tents, 130 sheets of floor mattresses, 185 packages of tarpaulin, 740 sheets of blankets, 355 sheets of tarpaulin, 300 sheets of mattresses, 20 pairs of boots, three units of generators, three units of velbed, and three units of tables.

Pertamina also deployed six doctors and four medical personnel (nurses) to assist victims’ treatment. Pertamina also deployed two ambulances and seven Pertamina officers to become BBM volunteers.

Moreover, Pertamina Peduli has also provided 1,339 baby diapers, 350 packs of medicines, 51 boxes of media masks, 80 pieces of baby cloth, 80 packs of pads, 300 packages of toiletries, 200 packs of adult diapers, 125 packs of disposable pants, 20 packs of handsaplast, 200 bottles of medicine for wounds (Betadine), 35 packs of Salonpas, 300 packs of Tolak Angin, 250 multivitamin sheets, 250 boxes of eucalyptus oil, 150 boxes of baby food, 150 boxes of baby milk.

“All of this aid is Pertamina Group’s act of care in dealing with the Cianjur disaster victims. Hopefully, this joint effort can have a good impact on the Cianjur people,” said Heppy.

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