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Pertamina: Pertamina Workers Invites Children Victims of the Cianjur Earthquake to Draw and Play to Eliminate Post-Disaster Trauma


PT Pertamina workers from various subsidiaries and community workers provide aid to victims affected by the earthquake in Cianjur Regency, West Java. The Pertamina workers also provided trauma-healing services for the victims.

The Pertamina Energi Negara (PEN) program workers visited the Disaster Command Post in Benjot Village, Cugenang District, Cianjur Regency, Saturday (26/11/2022). Ten Pertamina employees worked on this project, and about 300 disaster-affected residents were accommodated at this location.

During this visit, PEN also presented a Child and Family Psychologist from LPT University of Indonesia, Mira Damayanti Amir, to help restore the children’s mental health affected by the earthquake.

Mira invites children to get to know pictures of characters (emojis) that show happy, angry, sad, and surprised expressions. The children looked enthusiastic while participating in this activity.

“Did you ever feel shocked?” Mira said.

“Once, yesterday during the earthquake,” answered some children.

“Those who are surprised, happy, and sad will form a group, then we will draw together later,” Mira said.

The children and the mothers looked enthusiastic while participating in the drawing activity. Each child is given drawing tools such as coloring and paper. Under the tent, the children drew several images they could think. The cheerful atmosphere is reflected in this activity.

Not only drawing, but Annisa Chandra, a Pertamina worker, also brought a Norwegian pet cat. The children were enthusiastic to held the cat named Boris.

“I was happy when asked to draw. Then I was given a ball. I like to play ball. I can also play with cats. Thank you, Pertamina, for coming here. We can be happy again,” Rahap (12) said, a Grade 7 student at SMPN 5 this Cianjur.

“Earlier, I enjoyed drawing and playing ball. The ball had a picture of the World Cup too. It was fun. Thank you for inviting us to play,” Ahmad Rehan (13) said.

The PEN activity coordinator, Ade Barkah, said that the aid provided was the result collected from Pertamina workers from various subsidiaries and communities who were gathered in several post-Cianjur earthquakes. The total funds collected were around IDR 85 million and distributed in kind.

Items distributed to the victims included 100 bath packets, 100 towels, 100 sarongs, 150 blankets, 50 stationery packages, 10 children’s bants, 10 boxes of mineral water, 10 boxes of UHT milk, 10 balls, 10 badminton rackets and shuttlecocks, 50 sheets of coloring books, 50 pieces of coloring markers/crayons and 100 goodie bags.

“This is the result from Pertamina workers who are responsive and concerned for the earthquake victims in Cianjur, which we have collected in the past few days. We hope that the aid provided can be useful and reduce the children’s trauma from this disaster. Thank you to all Pertamina workers and management for their support,” Ade said.

The Pertamina worker community participating in this activity included Pertamina Care Officers, Agents of Change, Pertiwi, the English Community, and Pertascooter. In this activity, PEN also enlivened the slogan ‘Sharing, Caring and Giving 65’ as the spirit of sharing, caring, and giving in celebrating Pertamina’s 65th Anniversary this year.

Rosi, one of the mothers who occupied the post, showed her appreciation. She admitted that she was happy and grateful for the Pertamina team.

“It is great that we got help and were invited to play. If there is an activity like this, we feel safer, and the children do not have to leave the post. Thanks to Pertamina for visiting us,” Rosi said.

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