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Pertamina: Pertamina’s Solar Stock is Sufficient, People Do Not Need to Worry


As the PPKM level decreases and the community’s economic activities begin to recover, the need for fuel has risen. Responding to this condition, Pertamina ensures that the community’s fuel needs are met, both gasoline and gasoil.

Pertamina recorded an increase in consumption of gasoil, dominated by subsidized diesel, where consumption in the first semester of 2021 was recorded at 37,813 kiloliters/month. It continues to increase 17 % or around 44,439 kiloliters in September. Meanwhile, in the gasoline sector, a significant increase occurred in Pertamax products. In the first semester of 2021, the monthly average was 12,586 kiloliters and have reached a 49% increase in September or around 18,840 kiloliters.

Acting Senior Vice President Corporate Communications and Investor Relations of Pertamina, Fajriyah Usman, emphasized that currently, Pertamina’s fuel stock is sufficient. Therefore, people do not need to worry and are still encouraged to buy fuel as needed.

“Stocks for products have increased significantly, namely Solar, reaching 17 days and Pertamax reaching 18 days. Delivery from the Fuel Terminal also continues every day to all petrol stations. Refineries also continue to produce so that people do not have to worry,” explained Fajriyah.

Specifically for Solar, Pertamina has increased the distribution volume to several areas that experienced a significant increase in consumption, such as West Sumatra by 10%, Riau by 15%, and North Sumatra by 3.5%.

“Considering that Solar is subsidized fuel, we are very careful in adding distribution. Therefore, it can remain on target and not be misused,” said Fajriyah.

In addition to additional distribution in areas that have experienced a significant increase, Pertamina also coordinates with BPH Migas for the flexibility of transferring subsidized fuel quotas in areas whose realization is still below the target to other areas that have the potential to be over-quota.

“Thank god, there has been approval from BPH Migas so that quota arrangements between regions can be carried out as long as they do not exceed the 2021 national quota ceiling set by BPH Migas,” said Fajriyah.

To ensure smooth and safe distribution, Pertamina continues to improve supervision in the field in collaboration with law enforcement officials. Pertamina also coordinates intensively with the local government and related agencies to provide strict sanctions to gas stations that do not distribute fuel following the provisions.

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