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Pertamina: PGN Gas In Jargas GasKita in 800 New Customers, Supports Clean Tangerang Program


PT PGN Tbk as Pertamina Gas Subholding continues to realize its commitment to providing competitive and environmentally friendly natural gas services through the household gas network. On Saturday (13/8), PGN inaugurated and distributed the first gas (gas in) in the Catalina Cluster, Tangerang Regency, Banten.

The Catalina Cluster’s gas in is a jargas (gas network) development program in 2021. PGN has served around 35,000 house connections (SR) in Tangerang. Specifically for the Catalina area, there are 800 SRs, and gas in stages will be carried out starting Saturday, August 13, 2022, around 400 SRs have been distributed for the first time.

The gas network construction in the Catalina Cluster received a good response from the Tangerang Regency Government and the community.

“Alhamdulillah, today we will conduct the inauguration and distribution of gas which will be obtained by all Catalina housing community residents. This is one of the first (gas in),” said the Regent of Tangerang, Ahmed Zaki Iskandar, in his speech (13/8).

Zaki stated that the local government would continue to support programs from the central government and SOEs to provide maximum service to the community, especially basic services. One of the most crucial factors is that customers receive affordable, clean, and secure energy services through this gas distribution. Indeed, it will provide the community additional support.

“This is also very important because this program will support Tangerang Regency in reducing emissions and gas utilization derived from other fossils,” said Zaki.

The Tangerang Regency Government will also continue to encourage other regions, especially those close to the gas pipeline, to get the same facilities. Hopefully, this gas utilization will also support the Clean Tangerang program.

“Like MSMEs, households, this will be even easier. No more worrying about running out of gas, as this will be constant. Like electricity, we will get a supply. But, the payment must be in an orderly manner later,” added Zaki.

Corporate Secretary of PGN, Rachmat Hutama explained that the Catalina Cluster’s gas in is PGN service’s tangible manifestation to the community, and this gas network will continue to be carried out. From today’s gas, it is hoped that the community will get benefits, one of which is that they do not have to bother changing cylinders and do not have to run out of gas while cooking.

“The most important thing is to help MSMEs in which the prices we offer are quite competitive. For MSMEs, it is quite profitable. Because they can use it first, and later in the next month, on the fifth or sixth day, they must pay. So the gas can be used first, then pay later,” said Rachmat.

“As a representative of the residents of the Catalina Cluster, I would like to thank PGN’s presence. First, we can increase MSMEs in our area. Second, housewives that run out of gas in the middle of the night problem can be resolved,” said Head of the Catalina RW Cluster, Arif Budi Santoso.

Furthermore, Arif hopes that the cooperation with PGN can continue for gas installation. Thus, in 2023, the Catalina area of ​​800 families can enjoy PGN gas.

“Hopefully, the construction of this jargas can get support from the Tangerang district government and the existing apparatus, and also get support from Tangerang Regency people,” conveyed Rachmat.

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