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Pertamina: Preparing 2022 Business Strategies, PIS Explores Potential Overseas Markets


PT Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) continues to actively explore foreign markets to develop its business and realize its vision to become the Asian Leading Integrated Marine Logistics Company.

PIS plans to implement a selective and prudent inorganic business development strategy to achieve this goal. The inorganic business development will accelerate new business development, market expansion, and improve PIS capabilities. PIS is open to collaborating with domestic, regional, and global companies that have business lines, markets, or competencies that can be synergized with PIS.

PIS has a target to become an Asian leading integrated marine logistics company and earn around USD 4 billion in revenue by 2030.

As an Asian leading marine logistics company, PIS’s business focuses on the shipping sector, which provides transportation services along with terminal and storage services with international standards. The scope of transport cargo is not limited to the energy fuel sector, such as fuel and crude, but also gas, petrochemical, and bulk/container cargo.

PIS explores the potential for cooperation with trusted global partners and players. In the Asian region, PIS is exploring collaboration potential with companies located in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China, and other countries. It includes cooperation in terms of fuel terminals, especially for the region which is the hub of the Asia Pacific market. Currently, PIS Group, through its subsidiaries, manages Integrated Fuel Terminals. It includes those in Tanjung Uban and Pulau Sambu, which are directly opposite Singapore.

PIS is also exploring cooperation with companies in the Middle East region. It includes Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey. An assessment with stakeholders to find such partners has also been carried out.

PIS believes that by cooperating with a global scale partner, PIS can prepare international standard terminals and bring in markets that have been served in Singapore and Malaysia. The multiplier effect is that port services managed by other PIS subsidiaries can grow and develop, such as shipping agencies, tug-of-war activities, shipyard management, dredging activities, and others.

Corporate Secretary of PIS, Arief Sukmara, explained that this exploration to find strategic partnership partners is a manifestation of the spirit of Go Global and Go Productive & Efficient PIS.

“As Subholding Integrated Marine Logistics, PIS also works relentlessly in making new history at the international level and supporting Pertamina Go Global,” he said.

Currently, PIS has also made several acceleration efforts to develop its business portfolio in the global arena. Currently, PIS ships have 11 international shipping routes, namely Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, US, India, Algeria, and Bangladesh, which contribute to the Company’s revenue through charter out activities.

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