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Pertamina: Raising Red and White Flag, MT Gas Walio Tanker Successfully Docks in Australia


The MT Gas Walio tanker owned by PT Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) successfully docked for the first time in Australia on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

This 11-year-old Indonesian-flagged tanker carries LPG loads, such as9000 MT Butane and 3000 MT Propane. Commanded by Captain Candra Nurwanto, the MT Walio ship traveled for ten days from Singapore to Australia by passing the Singapore Strait, South China Sea, Gelaza Strait, Java Sea, Lombok Strait, Indian Sea, and docked at Kwinana-West Coast Australia.

The LPG cargo transported by the MT Gas Walio from Australia to Fanchen-China is a full charter between countries outside Indonesia by Geogas Trading S.A, an Australian company.

MT Gas Walio is expected to take a 12-day journey from Australia to China. After delivering gas to China, the ship will return to Kwinana, Australia. Geogas entrusts PIS for transportation services with a 3-months contract. All crew members on this trip have implemented and complied with international and local COVID prevention regulations.

Built in 2011 at Hyundai Heavy Industries, the 158 meters long MT Gas Walio vessel has 26 crews and is a fully refrigerated LPG vessel owned by PIS.

Until the end of 2021, PIS has expanded international shipping routes from 8 to 11. Namely Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, US, India, Algeria, and Bangladesh.

PIS continues to accelerate efforts to develop its business portfolio in the global scope. It follows PIS’ target to become a flag carrier for Indonesia in the national and international shipping industry.

With the achievement of the MT Walio ship successfully docking in Australia, it increases the number of PIS ships that have successfully carried out international voyages to 26 ships from around 95 owned ships.

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