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Pertamina: Raising Sustainability, Pertamina Assists 25 Independent Energy Villages at Ecorunfest


Pertamina is distributing assistance to 25 Independent Energy Villages to support an environmentally-friendly sustainable lifestyle.

The assistance provided by Pertamina is part of the company’s efforts to give back to the community.

Pertamina provided assistance worth IDR 5.6 billion to foster 25 Independent Energy Villages in 12 provinces in Indonesia.

President Director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, said that Pertamina is helping independent energy village development to optimize the existing energy sources utilization in the village for each village’s independence.

“Apart from identifying, we help, develop, and provide the funds. We hope that this energy independence concept is not only on a large scale, but it also has to start from the villages,” said Nicke.

Communities in these villages are invited to utilize clean energy, such as solar, biogas, micro-hydro, biodiesel, and wind, to fulfill their daily needs. Therefore, the village can grow independently and increase its economy.

Pertamina also empowers people in energy-independent villages to become economically independent. Communities are given education on how to process natural resources, including waste, to be processed into goods that have economic value.

Pertamina educates village communities to turn water hyacinth into handicrafts, sofa chairs, and other handicraft products.

Pertamina also assists in restructuring village areas into eco-friendly ecotourism. Everything uses clean energy that is free of emissions.

In addition to the self-sustaining energy village, Pertamina is also helping turtle conservation in Sodong Beach, Karangbenda Village, Adipala District, Cilacap Regency.

Pertamina initiated turtle conservation in Cilacap in 2019 by conducting a study on Lekang turtle conservation, establishing baselines, and establishing boundaries for conservation areas.

In 2020, it was continued by creating a turtle conservation and education center and empowering residents as conservation actors.

In 2021, Pertamina also prepared turtle conservation tourism sites which is further developed in 2022 with educational tour development.

“Pertamina continues to carry out fauna conservation programs. Currently, there are 60 programs and 260 species of fauna that we are conserving. Because if we do not do this, we will experience extinction,” said Nicke.

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