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Pertamina: Recovering People Affected by the Cianjur Earthquake, Pertamina Continues to Distribute Aid


PT Pertamina (Persero) continues to distribute aid to people affected by the Cianjur, West Java earthquake. Until now, the total has reached IDR 948 million, IDR 24.2 million has been distributed.

Acting Vice President of Corporate Communication of Pertamina, Heppy Wulansari, informed that the aid delivered includes groceries and ready-to-eat food, equipment for public kitchens, equipment at shelters and others, medicines and medical personnel, and the rest is fuel aid.

The aid was channeled through the Cianjur Regency BPBD, SOE Command Post, West Java Regional Police, and the Eka Sejahtera Foundation.

Heppy added that Pertamina, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, is moving simultaneously to secure fuel and LPG distribution, as well as helping disaster-affected communities shortly after the earthquake in Cianjur, West Java.

“The Pertamina Group is united in uniting energy to restore disaster-affected areas in coordination with the local government/BPBD,” said Heppy.

As an energy SOE, Pertamina, through the Pertamina Cares program, not only distributes fuel and LPG assistance to people in disaster locations but also logistical needs to ease the burden on refugees or victims affected by the disaster.

“This is Pertamina’s commitment to support the Government in post-disaster recovery and to help victims of natural disasters to recover immediately after disasters,” said Heppy.

To this day, the aid distributed is in the form of 65 cylinders of 12 kg Bright Gas, 12,750 tons of rice, 540 liters of cooking oil, 260 kg of eggs, 648 boxes of mineral water, 370 boxes of instant noodles, 372 boxes of biscuits, 62 boxes of milk, 4 boxes of coffee, 60 boxes of canned sardines, and 25 boxes of instant drinks.

For safety kits, Pertamina has distributed 1 platoon tent, 2 multi-purpose tents, 130 Palembang mattresses, 185 tarpaulin packages, 665 blankets, 355 tarpaulins, 300 mattresses, and 20 pairs of boots.

For health equipment, Pertamina has distributed 1,339 baby diapers, 350 medicine, 51 boxes of medical masks, 80 baby cloth, 80 pieces of sanitary pads, 300 packages of toiletries (soap and shampoo), 200 packs of adult diapers, 125 packs of disposable pants, 20 packs of handsaplast, 200 packs of betadine, 35 packs of salonpas, 300 packs of repellent, 250 packs of multivitamins, 250 boxes of eucalyptus oil, 150 boxes of baby food, 150 boxes of baby milk. As for fuel, Pertamina has distributed 5,000 liters of Dexlite and 5,000 liters of Pertamax.

Through Pertamedika IHC, Pertamina has also sent 6 doctors, 4 medical nurses, 2 ambulances, and 7 officers to volunteer.

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