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Pertamina: Roemah Kebaya MSE Hopes to Upgrade and Expand Network at the Pertamina SMEXPO 2021


Roemah Kebaya MSE is among those affected by the pandemic. However, Vielga Wennida’s MSE has survived. This year, her business was allowed to participate in the Pertamina SMEXPO 2021 event on 12-14 October 2021 through www.smexpo.pertamina.com. She had great hope for joining the program.

Vielga started to enter this business in 2010 after she resigned from her work. Her business is supported by her hobbies in drawing, designing, and coloring. “My mother also happens to be in the embroidery world. But the problem of price games, especially when she marketed overseas, made her not continue this business,” she said.

However, Vielga thinks that this product is an excellent Indonesian heritage that must be continued. “Finally, I took over this business and hoped that in Jakarta I could make something better, which could inspire many people,” she hoped.

Vielga said Roemah Kebaya has a target market of women aged 30-60 years who already have a good income or those in the middle-high class. Meanwhile, for the millennial market, Vielga has a brand specifically aimed at them. “The target is 30 years and under with a price range of under one million rupiahs,” she added.

The pandemic also hit Roemah Kebaya, continued Vielga, the decline in turnover was unavoidable, especially in her offline business line. “Almost all of our offline stores were completely closed for several months. Our solution to survive is to do online business using the marketplace and social media. We also have a website. Everything is done to keep all of our workers working during this pandemic,” she explained.

Vielga hopes that by participating in Pertamina SMEXPO 2021, Roemah Kebaya can develop and progress further. “One of them is by further developing my network. Until now, Roemah Kebaya has exported to various countries such as Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia,” she said.

Meanwhile, Acting Senior Vice President Corporate Communications & Investor Relations of Pertamina, Fajriyah Usman, said Pertamina SMEXPO 2021 continues to prepare programs that support the fostered MSEs to develop. These include Business Matching and Coaching Session programs.

The Coaching Session program will further improve the standardization of MSEs regarding administration and product development in the future. “Meanwhile, we have prepared the Business Matching program. Therefore, MSEs can own and develop wider distribution channels. We will bring together MSEs with potential buyers not only from within the country but also from abroad,” she said.

According to Fajriyah, through the PUMK Program, Pertamina wants to provide energy that can move the economy–energy that fuels and energy that produces sustainable growth. As well as encourage each partner to become upgraded MSEs and Go Global.

Pertamina also supports SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) achievement by implementing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)-based programs in all its operational areas. It is part of the Environmental and Social Responsibility (TJSL) to realize economic benefits in the community.

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