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Pertamina Signs Cooperation with TNI – POLRI


Balikpapan Refinery’s existence as a national-vital object in the energy sector requires support from stakeholders. One of them is in terms of security. For this reason, Pertamina, through PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional (KPI) Balikpapan Unit, signed security cooperation with the TNI and Polri for the East Kalimantan Region in Balikpapan. (Thursday, 12/01).

The General Manager of PT KPI Balikpapan Unit, Arafat Bayu Nugroho, said the support from the security forces was felt by PT KPI Balikpapan Unit in carrying out its operations.

“This cooperation is part of an effort to synergize and build collaboration between the oil and gas sector and security forces,” said Bayu.

Bayu also explained that the Balikpapan Refinery has an important role and position. “The Balikpapan refinery is mandated to ensure energy availability, especially in Kalimantan and Eastern Indonesia. This is a critical and important task,” explained Bayu.

Therefore, according to Bayu, PT KPI Balikpapan Unit needs support, especially from the security forces. “The synergy we have built so far is expected to ensure that the refinery can run safely and normally,” said Bayu.

Bayu also hopes for support related to the refinery development project currently being carried out by Pertamina. “Hopefully, with this agreement, we can ensure the operation of the refinery without any problems,” he said.

Responding to the signing of the cooperation, the Operations Assistant (Asops) Kodam VI, Mulawarman Andreas Nanang DP, expressed his gratitude for the cooperation implemented so far between Pertamina and the security forces.

The same thing was conveyed by The Commander of the Dhomber Air Force Base, Colonel Pnb Sidik Setiyno, who invited all parties to work together to maintain security.

Meanwhile, Commander of Balikpapan Navy, Colonel (K) Rasyid Al Hafiz, said that the cooperation between Pertamina and the Indonesian Navy had been going on for a long time and was very important. “The Navy is one of Pertamina’s fuel users. Thus, securing fuel production is also very important. Everyone needs Pertamina’s condition to be safe,” said Rasyid.

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