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Pertamina: Subsidies Attached to Vehicles, Pertamina Encourages People to Register Their Vehicles


President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero), Nicke Widyawati, in front of Commission VI of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI), emphasized that starting July 1, 2022, Pertamina will encourage the public to register their vehicles as the initial stage to get subsidized Solar or Pertalite.

This step was taken to ensure that subsidized fuel distributed by Pertamina was more right on target. According to Pertamina’s Roadmap, this July is only the vehicle registration stage, not a restriction on subsidized fuel purchase. However, in the future, if government regulations have been stipulated, only suitable and registered types of vehicles will be able to purchase subsidized fuel.

Furthermore, Nicke Widyawati explained that Pertamina made it easier for the public to register by providing three ways. The first is through the website subsiditepat.mypertamina.id. The second way is with the MyPertamina application, and the third, the public can come directly to the petrol station to be assisted in registering their vehicles.

“These vehicles are registered to get a QR Code which will be the basis for petrol station officers to serve subsidized fuel. Because the subsidy is attached to the vehicle, this QR Code can be printed, laminated, and sticked on the vehicle to simplify transactions at petrol stations. Therefore, the public do not have to use a gadget or MyPertamina application when buying subsidized fuel,” Nicke said in a Public Hearing (RDP) with Commission VI DPR RI on Wednesday (6/7/22).

Nicke explained that after the registration stage, restrictions will be made after the Presidential Decree concerning the new criteria for vehicles that receive subsidized fuel is issued. She stated that the rules regarding who is entitled to receive subsidized fuel are currently being harmonized by ministries and institutions (K/L). Later, according to the regulation, Pertamina will be able to group vehicles that are entitled to receive subsidized fuel.

“In implementing the restrictions later, vehicles that have been registered and proven by a QR Code can buy Subsidized Pertalite or Solar. This QR Code is the basis. For this reason, Pertamina urges the public to immediately register their vehicles entitled to receive subsidized fuel,” said Nicke.

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