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Philips: Philips spotlights integrated radiology workflows advancing precision care during the ECR 2022 Overture


When the European Society of Radiology announced it would hold its annual in-person meeting later than usual in July 2022, the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) pivoted to its March Overture event, which kicks off today, as a preview of ECR in July. To engage attendees during the ECR Overture, Philips will highlight its end-to-end Radiology Workflow and Smart Connected Imaging Suites of Solutions – gaining wide adoption in Europe – through an immersive 360° radiology experience to showcase how the company’s portfolio of vendor-neutral radiology workflow solutions and enterprise-scalable smart connected imaging systems are helping to increase diagnostic confidence and efficiency.

The Philips virtual 360° radiology experience gives attendees the opportunity to interact with new enterprise-scalable solutions across CT, MR, ultrasound, X-ray, informatics and image-guided therapy. Philips will showcase a robust portfolio of modality and PACS vendor-neutral radiology workflow solutions to support radiologists, technologists and administrators with integrated, automated AI-driven informatics to streamline workflows. Virtual visitors can experience how Philips smart connected systems can improve access to data and support advanced analytics and reporting for all aspects of the radiology service, from patient management and acquisition to interpretation and referral management.

“We’re all very eager to meet in person at the ECR Annual meeting in Vienna in July, but in the meantime, we’re also excited to present this unique, interactive virtual radiology experience for our customers and all ECR Overture attendees,” said Kees Wesdorp, Chief Business Leader of Precision Diagnosis at Philips. “The Philips virtual radiology 360° experience allows anyone to interact with our innovative solutions and connect directly with our experts for demonstrations.”

As part of the ECR Overture program, Kees Wesdorp will participate in a round table panel session on Sunday, March 6 at 11:30 – 12:30 CET, to discuss how minor changes to the settings of the reporting stations in a radiology department can result in significant energy savings and promote energy-wise habits. Joining Kees will be global radiology leaders engaging in an interactive discussion on “The Green Radiology Department,” open to all virtual attendees of the ECR Overture event.

Philips’ portfolio of radiology workflow solutions and smart connected imaging systems

As demand for medical imaging has grown dramatically over the last few decades, radiology workflow has become increasingly central to precision diagnosis and care. Philips is helping radiology leaders across the globe adopt new solutions and ways of working to support their workflows, enhance patient and staff experience and, ultimately, improve patient care.

ECR Overture attendees can explore critical components of Philips’ Radiology Workflow solutions including the Philips Radiology Operations Command Center [1] Vue PACS, Collaboration Live, and the newly launched Philips MR 5300, which delivers excellent quality images and patient-centric workflow with helium-free MR operations. Other MR solutions featured include new Philips Pediatric Coaching that uses gamification and ‘buddy system’ techniques to help prepare children and their parents ahead of and during their MRI procedure to significantly enhance the patient experience. Also highlighted at ECR is the newly launched Philips MR 7700 [2] system, now with CE Mark, which includes multinuclear clinical capabilities designed to deliver high quality diffusion imaging and advanced neuroscience sequences, along with Philips SmartSpeed [3] AI-powered [4] MR acceleration software, designed to increase patient throughput and enhance diagnostic confidence.

Philips will also spotlight its enterprise-scalable systems in CT and ultrasound with the next generation of its CT 5100 – Incisive system, featuring the launch of CT Smart Workflow [5] and the latest release of Philips Ultrasound Systems EPIQ Elite and Affiniti to allow comprehensive management and tracking of early-stage liver disease. In addition, Philips will showcase its award-winning Spectral CT 7500, the latest intelligent system from Philips to deliver high quality spectral images for every patient on every scan, 100% of the time, to help improve disease characterization and reduce rescans and follow-ups – all at the same dose levels as conventional scans. Also featured at the virtual ECR is Philips Radiology Smart Assistant [6], an AI-based solution [6] to help improve accuracy of X-ray image acquisition.

Philips symposia sessions during virtual ECR

On March 2, from 8:00AM – 9:00AM CET, Philips will present a symposium session on redesigning radiology around the patient. Speakers include, Sham Sokka, head of Innovation and Marketing in Precision Diagnosis at Philips; Dr. Richard Barr, MD, Professor of Radiology at Northeastern Ohio Medical University; Victoria Bedel, Senior Vice President of Northeast Operations at RadNet, Inc.; and Dr. Edward Steiner, MD, Chairman of WellSpan Imaging and Radiation Oncology at York Hospital.

On Thursday, March 3 at 4:30PM – 5:00PM CET, Robert Metzke, Philips global head of sustainability will moderate a discussion on the critical shift to sustainable radiology, featuring global leaders driving sustainability initiatives including Dr. Reed Omary, MD, Chair of the Department of Radiology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Dr. Stephan Chan, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology at Columbia University; and Ariella Shuster, General Manager of Circular Equipment at Philips. The livestream for both sessions is available for all ECR Overture delegates.

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