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PTT Group: ARUN PLUS joins hands with EnCo to launch “E-Bus” to create the future of electric mobility


Mr. Atthaphon Rerkpiboon, Chief Executive Officer and President of PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), Mr. Sirasak Chantrema, President of Energy Complex Company Limited ( EnCo ), along with Mr. Ekachai Yimsakul, Managing Director of Arun Plus Company Limited ( ARUN PLUS ) joins the launch and delivery of “ E – Bus ”, a new high-efficiency electric bus manufactured in the country. To facilitate the transfer of employees in the PTT Group, personnel of the Ministry of Energy and the general public who come to contact the event

Mr. Attaphol Rerkpiboon, Chief Executive Officer and President, PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) revealed that PTT is accelerating the development and adaptation to accommodate the change in energy direction in the future. which will focus on the main trends of the world in 2 areas, namely Go Green and Go Electric , will continue to expand investment in EV Value Chain of PTT Group to cover all dimensions to support the number of electric vehicle users that will increase in the future and ready to develop alternative energy technologies that are environmentally friendly and drive Thailand towards a low-carbon society. In the past, PTT has worked with business partners to develop EV Charging Station, EV Platform , electric vehicle factory including investing in the battery business for all 4 vehicleswheels and 2 wheels and other types, therefore, collaborating with EnCo to bring the new E – Bus , which has developed innovative body and structure from modern aluminum made in Thailand. increase energy efficiency with complete safety systems and facilities for drivers and passengers For providing transportation services for personnel and the general public who come to work in PTT Group, it is considered a model of innovation and technology in future energy. that will help drive the electric vehicle ecosystem in Thailand to be more complete according to the direction of the government’s electric vehicle promotion And in line with the new vision ” Powering Life with Future Energy and Beyond ” to drive every life. with the energy of the future

Mr. Sirasak Chantrema, President of Energy Complex Company Limited ( EnCo ) , said that EnCo attaches great importance to operating business with social responsibility. By focusing on the application of innovation and environmentally-friendly technology in its operations, along with the delivery of real estate development services and building management with a high standard, the introduction of the E – Bus developed by ARUN . PLUS to provide replacement services for the old passenger trains within the Energy Complex It is the intention of EnCo to be a part of supporting innovation and technology of electric vehicles in Thailand to be known and accepted internationally. by opening the Energy Complex area to be a SandboxTo test the operation of electric buses in a real environment, ARUN PLUS can use the results of the tests and service data to develop better electric buses in the future. Promote the development of innovations and renewable energy technologies that meet both business and social responsibility needs. EnCo also plans to apply innovations and electric vehicle technologies in the EnCo Terminal or EnTer center area , which is scheduled Opened for service this year as a business and service center that responds to the work patterns of the new generation, such as smart offices for rent, EV charging stations , modern convention centers, and shopping . MallAnd entertainment centers for people of all ages, which EnCo is still looking for people who are interested in renting space and joining the business network that will grow together. and jointly develop the EnTer Center to be another meeting point for Thai people.

Mr. Ekachai Yimsakul, Managing Director of Arun Plus Company Limited (ARUN PLUS ) said that investment in developing electric vehicles which are public vehicles such as buses, motorcycles or passenger ships, all of which are to build public transport infrastructure that reduces the impact on the environment including creating opportunities for domestic manufacturers to develop electric vehicle production battery system This will ultimately lead to the creation of an environmentally friendly Thai transport system. The development of E – Bus is part of the ARUN PLUS mission that wants to meet the needs of building a fully integrated electric vehicle ecosystem. From the production, assembly, distribution, as well as sales and after-sales services, ARUN PLUS is looking for a business network, whether in the public or private sectors, to develop the public electric vehicle market together.

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