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PTT Group: HORIZON PLUS announced the construction of an electric vehicle factory in Thailand. ready to deliver within 2024


Recently, Horizon Plus Co., Ltd. (HORIZON PLUS) was born from the collaboration between Arun Plus Co., Ltd. (ARUN PLUS), a leader in the complete electric vehicle ecosystem. One of PTT’s new business groups with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (FOXCONN), a global leader in electronic and electric vehicle innovation technology. held the foundation stone laying ceremony for the electric vehicle factory on an area of ​​313 rai at Rojana Industrial Park Nong Yai District Chonburi Province, with Prof. Dr. Thosaporn Sirisamphan, Chairman of the Board of Directors , PTT Public Company Limited , Mr. Auttapol Rerkpiboon, President and Chief Executive Officer, PTT Public Company Limited.The ceremony was honored by senior executives of FOXCONN, PTT Group, the Board of Investment (BOI), representatives from the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Policy Committee and representatives from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Bureau. Thailand also participated in this ceremony.

Prof. Dr. Tossaporn Sirisamphan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PTT Public Company Limited , revealed that “PTT’s important mission is to build energy security for the country. Especially during the transition to clean energy in the future. Investing and developing a sustainable electric vehicle ecosystem is part of PTT’s mission. The foundation stone laying ceremony of HORIZON PLUS is an important starting point. With a fully integrated electric vehicle factory jointly invested with FOXCONN, it will be the foundation for other developments, both upstream and downstream, such as the production of key parts. supporting the transition of Thai entrepreneurs in the supply chain from combustion engines to electric vehicles”

Mr. Auttapol Rerkpiboon, President and Chief Executive Officer, PTT Public Company Limitedadded that “Joining forces with FOXCONN is not only to invest in building a modern EV production base. but also investment in research and development, innovation and technology transfer to entrepreneurs. Strengthen personnel skills for the sustainable development of the automotive industry in Thailand. It is to upgrade the industry and develop the country’s economy. Promote the transition to a low carbon society This foundation stone laying ceremony This is an important step in ensuring that PTT Group and its allies will conduct business under the vision of Powering Life with Future Energy and Beyond. Penetration into the electric vehicle business of PTT Group is another important strategy that will help PTT Group Able to aim for net zero GHG emissions (Net Zero GHG Emissions) set by 2050, emphasizing driving the business with the power of the future. that takes into account society and the environment for Thailand to grow in all dimensions in a balanced and sustainable manner.”

Dr. Buranin Rattanasombat, Chief Operating Officer, New Business and Infrastructure , PTT Public Company Limited and Chairman of the Board HORIZON PLUSSaid, “HORIZON PLUS is designed under the concept of BOL (Build-Operate-Localize), which brings world-class technology to design, build and produce in line with the needs of consumers and the local supply chain. Invested more than 1 billion US dollars. The initial production capacity is 50,000 units per year and will be expanded to 150,000 units per year in 2030. The construction will be completed and can begin production and delivery of EVs in 2024, resulting in the development of knowledge and employment. That requires more than 2,000 highly skilled positions. At present, the company is ready to serve interested EV carmakers with modern production technology. Shorten development time and reduce production costs. This creates the greatest benefit for both entrepreneurs and consumers according to measures to support electric vehicles (EV3).”

Mr. Kay Chiu , Managing Director of HORIZON PLUS , revealed that “This factory construction has upgraded the production process with automation to meet the needs of increasing productivity, reducing costs and time. Plan to increase the proportion of clean energy used in the production process. And reduce waste emissions to make HORIZON PLUS a modern EV factory. and the most efficient in the region FOXCONN ‘s smart electronics expertise combined with long-term experience in OEM manufacturing will enable HORIZON PLUS business operations to be successful. and making Thailand the leading EV manufacturer in the country ASEAN regional level.

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