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PTT Group organizes PTT Group Children’s Day 2023 activity


Mr. Auttapol Rerkpiboon, President and Chief Executive Officer, PTT Public Company Limited , together with PTT Group’s top executives joined the opening of Children’s Day activities at PTT Headquarters. Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Bangkok as a gift to welcome all children after refraining from organizing activities for over 2 years since 2020 due to the COVID -19 situation.

Mr. Auttapol Rerkpiboon said that in the past, PTT Group has focused on the development of Thai youth in various forms. for all Thai children to have knowledge creativity through various activities and projects of PTT Group continuously Including activities on Children’s Day today. This is another activity that the PTT Group intends to create under the theme “INNOVERSE, driving power into the future”, which is a compilation of interesting things PTT Group presents to youth in the virtual world.

Within this year’s event There are various activities that promote learning about energy innovation and open up the world of future technology called Metaverse through VR AR technology and QR Code scanning to find out more information for children to explore the world through 6 activity bases: PTT Innoverse activity base Exploring the Innoverse 3D world , an activity base to explore the colorful world under the sea with Pee Godji happy driving base Watching movies with Pee Godji And be dazzled by viewing art exhibitions from VR cameras through the PTT Virtual Art Gallery activity booth . This is in line with the direction of today’s world that moves forward with modern technology and innovation. which children and youth as an important force for the future of the nation must follow and learn new stories in order to grow with quality and happiness without neglecting the preservation of the environment Efficient and efficient use of energy to spark ideas for new generations of children and young people Let’s contribute to the development and take responsibility for the planet together.

The 6 companies in PTT Group are PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited, Thai Oil Public Company Limited, IRPC Public Company Limited, PTT Global Chemical Company Limited ( Public Company Limited, Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited and PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited came to share knowledge and fun. through various activity booths such as Interactive Running, the “Energy Running” game and the Touchscreen “Global Warming Reduction” game, aiming to raise youth awareness of climate change and learn to change their behavior towards a more friendly way of life. with the environment achieve the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, etc.

In addition, there are special poor students who received scholarships from the PTT Virtual Run Project , Breath for the Younger. Together with the Equal Education Fund in 2022 and students around the Phra Khanong Oil Depot came to participate in this Children’s Day activity as well, including more than 4,000 students and youth participating in the event.

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