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PTT Group: PTT Group is confident that the country has enough energy support economic activities Dealing with the Ukraine-Russia Crisis


Mr. Attaphol Rerkpibul , Chief Executive Officer and President of PTT Public Company Limited, disclosed the readiness of the PTT Group to cope with the
Ukrainian-Russia crisis that is currently occurring. that PTT has closely monitored the situation as well as prepare for both crude and refined oil procurement to ensure that the country has sufficient energy consumption and can support continuous economic activities

In this regard, PTT Group has managed the risk of sourcing crude oil from many sources. by taking various measures To prepare, such as coordinating the PTT Group’s refineries to maintain oil reserves at the highest level. Approximately 95 million liters of crude oil imported from the United States is stored in oil tanks at Sriracha. Coordinate with partner networks to prepare for the supply of at least
160 million liters of crude oil from normal, including bringing about 320 million liters of internationally traded oil into the country for security reserves. Transport crude oil and use Vessel Tracking to keep ships on time. and have prepared a tank in case additional storage is required As a result of such measures, the country’s oil reserves increased by at least 640 .million liters

for managing the amount of finished oil has prepared to supply additional refined oil including temporarily suspending the export of diesel fuel with an average of 30 million liters of gasoline imported per month
in the fuel oil 4,000 tons per month for LPG is imported to deliver to Bang Pakong Power Plant . If there is an increase in demand, PTT Group is ready to procure Spot LPG to ensure that there is enough energy to meet the needs of the country.

Mr. Atthaphon added that PTT Group is ready to be an important force. and perform missions to the best of their ability to create energy security for the country in both normal and emergency situations They will closely monitor the situation and take action for energy security immediately. However, the country’s energy stability will truly come to pass when everyone joins hands to save money and know how to use energy efficiently as well.

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