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PTT Group: PTT joins hands with NSTDA to advance health and medical innovations Increase access to international standard medical equipment for Thai people


Professor (Special) Dr. Anek Laothammathat The Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (TISI) presided over the signing ceremony for research and development of innovations in health and medicine to meet the economic model of BCG . composite material coating Hydroxyapatite and titanium dioxide on nonwoven sheets to be used as filters for the production of Safie Plus masks and the signing of research and development cooperation in medical implant devices ( Implant devices ) between the offices. National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), with Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul, Director of NSTDAMr. Noppadon Pinsupha, Chief Operating Officer of PTT’s New Business and Infrastructure Group, was signed along with Prof. Dr. Pairat Thatchayapong, former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Science and Technology as the Chair of BCG , Medical Devices Branch, and Prof. Dr. Siriruek Songsiwilai, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, Witnesses

Professor (Special) Dr. Anek Laothammathat Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that BCG in the field of medical devices It is one of the important branches of the BCG Economy Model that wants to drive Thailand to be a comprehensive medical hub ( Medical Hub ) by 2027 , pushing for achievements in creating sustainability for the country. by supporting the development of medical devices that are effective and that are equivalent to international standards Currently, the medical device industry in the country has a huge increase in demand. due to the increasing morbidity rate of the people The entry into an aging society as well as the impact of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, to date, nearly 6 deaths worldwide from infections .million people worldwide causing a crisis of shortage of medical equipment both in terms of raw materials, equipment, medical materials that cannot be imported or produced to meet domestic demand These factors are thus accelerating the demand for advanced and modern medical equipment. This requires the need for medical equipment to provide services that can build confidence in higher standards of service.

“The government has recognized the importance of improving the quality of public health and public health services. which the development of the health service system to be efficient and holistic requires cooperation from the government and the private sector in the development of medical and public health service systems including the domestic medical industry to support the service system Therefore, the Ministry of Public Health is ready to fully support the business sector that produces innovative medical devices from research. Because it is a work that must be driven together, the Ministry of Public Health has a duty to support the policy and move forward the strategy of the medical and health industry group according to the BCG Economy Model policy in order to bring Thailand to a more developed country. V. said

Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul, Director of NSTDA, said that NSTDA by Assistive Technology and Medical Devices Research Center : A – MED , which is a research team that researches and development of medical devices Health innovations and assistive technology accessible to everyone During the past COVID-19 situation, NSTDA took part in helping society by delivering over 300 Safie Plus masks ,000 pieces are innovative research results by Thai research team for Thai people. to government hospitals field hospital government agencies across the country To enable Thai people and medical personnel to have access to good quality masks and meet international standards. And lead to the expansion of this collaboration, the transfer of research technology for Safie Plus mask filter coating that has the ability to filter viruses, bacteria and PM 2.5 dust with high efficiency. The Safie Plus mask filter coating is developed with microbial and particulate traps technology by hydroxyapatite and titanium dioxide coatings on nonwoven sheets of natural fiber blended with polyester. The porosity between the fibers is small and due to the natural fiber composition, it is environmentally friendly and easily degradable, effective for filtering out viruses and PM2 .5 according to ASTM F2101 and ASTM F2299 , respectively, up to 99 %. This research is a collaboration between A – MED ‘s implantable medical device technology research team and MTEC textile research team NSTDA combines knowledge of medical materials with textiles together to develop technology

Director of NSTDA added that The production of medical devices and implantable materials in the human body is considered as one of the main plans for the goal of making Thailand a medical hub in ASEAN ( Medical Hub ) in 2027 , where NSTDA has cooperation in research and development of devices. Medical implants ( Implant devices ) together with PTT Public Company Limited today is the first step of cooperation in expanding results and jointly research, develop, test, design and manufacture product prototypes from special plastic resins. It can be developed to meet medical criteria for implantable materials such as artificial skulls. for use in treating patients by reducing imports from abroad reduce inequality To enable Thais to increase access to locally produced implant treatments and meet international medical standards in line with the policy goalsBCG Medical Device Branch The medical device technology research team of A – MED has a long experience in commercializing a wide range of implantable medical devices. Health and medical business will be a new business that grows in the post-Covid- 19 world and is one of the four industries under the BCG policy that the government has announced on the national agenda.

Mr. Noppadon Pinsupha , Chief Operating Officer of PTT New Business and Infrastructure Group, said that PTT Group recognizes the importance of ensuring Thailand’s health security. Therefore, accelerate the development of business in life science or Life Science in accordance with the situation and technology of the world. Increase opportunities for Thai people to have access to more quality medical equipment that meets international standards. PTT also invested through Innopolymed Company to build a non – woven fabric factory . The fibers are small and fine in micrometers. It is a raw material for the production of masks , medical PPE devices and high-efficiency filters. with a total production capacity of approximately 5,000tons per year by using plastic pellets that have been researched and developed first in Thailand from PTT group companies to help alleviate public health problems in society from the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic. Including the problem of PM2 . 5 dust that the country still has to face PTT by the Institute of Innovation Foresee an opportunity to help alleviate such problems by collaborating with NSTDA in research and development of innovations in health and medicine, responding to BCG ‘s needs in order to apply developed technologies. to create innovative face masks and multi-purpose masks with specific features for actual use to be ready for commercial production and distribution

In addition, PTT is also interested in investing in research and development of other medical materials, most of which, at present, Thailand still has to import such products from abroad, for example, implant devices. ) by selecting various types of plastics with suitable properties from PTT Group to apply with the skills and knowledge of Thai people to help reduce dependence on imported products from abroad And to create security in the public health of the country together Elevate research to medical innovation Increase the capability and potential of Thai researchers as well as to promote the quality of life of Thai people in a sustainable manner

“The implementation of these two projects is considered to extend the knowledge of Thai researchers to be able to produce innovations that can be sold commercially. It is also a response to the BCG economic development strategy in the field of medical devices in order to jointly drive Thailand’s strategy to become an innovation hub for health in ASEAN in the future.”

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