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PTT Group: PTT receives 7 awards for the best and outstanding state enterprises of the year 2021, ready to lead the country through the crisis


Mr. Arkhom Termpittayapaisith Minister of Finance Presided over the Outstanding State Enterprise Award Ceremony ( SOE Award ) for the year 2021 to Prof. Dr. Tosaporn Sirisamphan, Chairman of the Board , along with Mr. Atthaphon Rerkpiboon, Chief Executive Officer and President. and executives of PTT Public Company Limited (PTT). This year, PTT received a total of 7 awards, including the Best State Enterprise Award for the year 2021 .Outstanding State Enterprise Board Award (Honor type) Outstanding Organization Management Award Outstanding Disclosure and Transparency Award Outstanding Social and Environmental Action Award Outstanding Creativity Award and Outstanding Innovation Award

Mr. Attaphol revealed that in 2021 , PTT has changed its vision to “Drive all life with the power of the future” or ” Powering Life with Future Energy and Beyond ” to comply with the changing environment. by maintaining the mission to “Comprehensive business in energy and petrochemical industry as a national energy company. Along with taking care of stakeholders in balance”, PTT’s determination to fulfill the vision and mission of the organization has resulted in PTT receiving the “Outstanding State Enterprise” award continuously. This award is considered an honorable and valuable award of the year. which is given to government organizations that stand out in various fields and contribute to the development of the Thai economy for sustainable growth

The awards that PTT received this time consisted of Best State Enterprise Award Awarded to state-owned enterprises with outstanding performance in all aspects It is a driving force aiming to enhance the competitiveness of the country. Ready to develop society, environment and improve the quality of life of Thai people. Outstanding State Enterprise Board Award (Honor type) given to the State Enterprise Board, which performs duties to supervise state enterprises and promote the management of the management to be efficient, transparent, in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance. Outstanding Management Award Awarded to organizations that manage the organization effectively, where PTT has sustainability management according to the strategic direction of the PTT Group (PTT by PTT ), namely Partnership & Platform, Technology for All, and Transparency & Sustainability .that focuses on creating sustainable growth of all sectors Outstanding Disclosure and Transparency Award from transparent and fair management Stakeholder-related information is reported and disclosed in accordance with international good corporate governance standards.

In addition, PTT also received an award for outstanding social and environmental contribution from the “ Wang Chan Forest Learning Center Project” which gathered knowledge. Develop research on planting and forest management. Comprehensive forest restoration in various forms able to support knowledge on forest resource conservation for the country ready to be a model area for agencies and general interested people Outstanding Creativity and Innovation Award Creativity from the “ Prototype Innovation for PM 2 . 5 and Airborne Pathogens Treatment Project ” to treat PM 2 . 5 and to treat germs from emerging diseases that are spread in the air. aims to improve society and the quality of life of Thai people; andOutstanding Creativity and Innovation Award for Innovation from the “ PTT EV Charger and Charging Platform Project ” , which is an innovation that fulfills the country’s mission of using clean energy. It is also PTT’s New S – CurveEV Charger to be compatible with all electric vehicles. There is a communication system that connects and is flexible to use with various charging platforms , as well as having a low cost. can be driven to commercial

“PTT would like to thank those who supported including government agencies, community communities, customers, investors, business partners and employees who have contributed to this success. This is the pride of the organization that reflects PTT’s dedication and dedication. PTT would like to be a cog in driving the national strategy. and insist on creating value for Thai society Ready to cope with the changes of the world, leading PTT and the country to overcome the crisis to grow, be strong, and sustainably together,” said Mr. Atthaphon .

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