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Russia Ministry of Energy: A meeting of the sectoral working group “Digital transformation of the oil and gas industry”


Pavel Sorokin at the Gazprom Neft Digital Transformation Center held an off-site meeting of the sectoral Working Group Digital Transformation of the Oil and Gas Industry.

The participants reviewed the status of the projects “Robotization of the oil and gas industry”, “Data for growth – AI” and “Open digital platform”, which were under development and which were included in the strategy of digital transformation of the fuel and energy complex.

According to the roadmap for robotization, the potential economic effect could be 382 billion rubles. At the same time, Russian robotic solutions should be introduced along the entire chain of production processes and value formation. In addition, it was noted at the meeting that the development of a federal law on the use of industrial data can save the oil and gas sector up to 15-20% of annual investments of industry companies in Russia, since the data itself will become more accessible and industry players will be able to implement it in their business processes.

During the meeting, Gazprom Neft demonstrated platform solutions compatible with the OSDU international community standards: an open platform for integrating processes and data for exploration and production. “Now the time has come to think more about the operationalization of management, the development of the tasks set for us and the determination of the role of each member of the working group in these processes,” said Andrey Belevtsev, Director of the Gazprom Neft Digital Transformation Directorate.

“We are at a very important stage of the transition from planning to implementation,” concluded Pavel Sorokin.

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